Nominations have been received for Hythe Council.  Seven people will be running for the five spots on the Village Council.  Those running for Hythe Council are incombents Nadine Adolf and Lyle Sipe, new candidates Craig Hewitt, Brian Peterson, Bill Guise, Larry Pasaluko and Ed Smith. Elections will be held on October 16, 2017 at the Hythe Golden Age Centre 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. There will be no advance poll. Mayor and deputy mayor are chosen later by those elected to council.

In order to vote, you must produce identification for inspection.  You must have two pieces of ID; 
- one a photo ID and the 
- other piece, for example - a utility bill (water, gas, or power bill) ; vehicle registration ; property tax notice ; insurance policy (vehicle, property); government cheque or cheque stub ; similar item.

A set of keys was found around the Community Centre on Friday, September 29.  There were two keys on the band.  If you lost yours please contact the Village Office.

Mayor of Hythe, Gary Burgess
As Mayor of the Village of Hythe my obligation to the residents is to treat all situations and 
concerns fairly, honestly and diligently as I
lead my fellow Councillors in Council Chambers.  Please feel free to bring any concerns or ideas to the Administration Office for Council to review and address.  Talk to myself or a fellow Councillor in person or join us in Council Chambers. 

I hope to see residents of Hythe participate in making our Village an even cleaner, healthier and more vibrant place to call home.  The better our Village looks the more families will want to call the Village home.  The more residents we have the more improvements we can make to the Village.  I look forward to serving you.

Gary Burgess

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