NEWS RELEASE – For Immediate Release Wednesday, February 22, 2017

County Assessors Beginning Property Re-inspection Next Week in Hythe

Assessors will be travelling door-to-door during regular business hours in selected areas within the County boundaries starting on Wednesday, March 1 until further notice to conduct property re-inspections. This includes the Village of Hythe.

County CAO Bill Rogan explained, “The County re-inspects properties to ensure all data assessment records are accurate and up-to-date; however, some properties will not be visited because they were already re-inspected recently or nothing has drastically changed to the properties.”

County assessors will be visiting properties within Township 70-72, Range 7 and Township 70-75, Range 8; the hamlets of La Glace and Dimsdale; as well as the Town of Wembley and the Village of Hythe.

Property re-inspection is a standard policy put in place by the provincial government that requires all Alberta municipalities perform ongoing re-inspections and complete overall inspections of all properties in a five-year term.

County assessors will be wearing photo identification badges. If residents are not home, assessors may leave a door hangar with information to contact the Assessment department at 780-513-3952. If you have any questions, please contact the County Assessment department at 780-513-3952.

All information collected during the re-inspection is subjected to the Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act.

Mayor of Hythe, Gary Burgess
As Mayor of the Village of Hythe my obligation to the residents is to treat all situations and 
concerns fairly, honestly and diligently as I
lead my fellow Councillors in Council Chambers.  Please feel free to bring any concerns or ideas to the Administration Office for Council to review and address.  Talk to myself or a fellow Councillor in person or join us in Council Chambers. 

I hope to see residents of Hythe participate in making our Village an even cleaner, healthier and more vibrant place to call home.  The better our Village looks the more families will want to call the Village home.  The more residents we have the more improvements we can make to the Village.  I look forward to serving you.

Gary Burgess

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