Christmas tree
On the 1st of December the Village of Hythe put up a 32' Christmas tree at the prominent intersection (100 Hot Dogs & Hot ChocolateStreet and 101 Avenue) in the Village. The Christmas tree was transported into town in an unconventional way - by helicopter (with special thanks to Highland Helicopters)! 
Unfortunately weather prevented the prompt arrival of the tree.  Many, who were there, spent the afternoon visiting, enjoying hot dogs and hot chocolate awaiting the arrival of the tree.  

Christmas tree
A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped bring back this
old tradition - the last tree to grace this intersection was over 30 years ago.

The tree lite up will be next Saturday, December 8th, due to the delay on December 1.   Come help decorate the tree 

For your information:
In August, Hythe Council received an anonymous letter of complaint.   You can follow this link to see that letter and the response from council.

Message from Mayor Brian Peterson:

I am 
pleased to serve as Mayor of Hythe, a community I have lived in for many years. 
Our Village Council is a team of five dedicated people, working with our staff to provide 
a good level of service to our community while maintaining affordable tax and utility 

We work to ensure your streets and roads, water and sewer, recreation and protective services,
are as good as they can be. Council and staff also work with our County and other towns in the 
area when we find that a regional approach is the best way to provide a service.

We welcome your comments or suggestions on making Hythe a better place to live. Council 
meets on the second and fourth Monday of the month, feel free to drop in and chat with us.

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