Bylaw #504

 A Bylaw of the Village of Hythe in the Province of Alberta to Ban the Burning of Cardboard and Paper.

 WHEREAS the municipality has made provisions to allow residents, businesses, and institutions to recycle cardboard and paper; and it seems very likely that recycling will be an ongoing service;

 AND WHEREAS Council feels that the burning of paper and cardboard is an unnecessary activity that causes needless pollution;

 NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Village of Hythe, duly assembled, hereby enacts as follows:

  1. THAT no resident, business, or institution shall burn cardboard, (corrugated or uncorrugated;) or any paper within the corporate limits of the Village of Hythe, except as permitted in Clause 2.  This shall include, but not be limited to, burning in trash barrels, garbage bins, and other receptacles.
  1. Paper may be burned if the sole intent is to use as a fire starter to ignite a larger fire of permitted material (e.g. firewood).

The penalty for a violation of this bylaw shall be a $50.00 fine for each offence.

This bylaw shall come into effect on the date of final passage thereof.

Read a first time this   11th  day of   October , 2011.

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Read a third time this   24th day of   October, 2011.