Unsightly Premises

BYLAW #513

A bylaw of the Village of Hythe in the Province of Alberta to amend nuisance bylaw #294.

WHEREAS Section 7(c) of the Municipal Government Act allows the municipality to pass bylaws regulating unsightly premises;

AND WHEREAS Hythe Village Council deems it desirable to clarify certain portions of Village of Hythe Bylaw #294, which deals with unsightly premises;

NOW THEREFORE, THE Council of the Village of Hythe, duly assembled, hereby enacts as follows;

Bylaw #294 is hereby amended as follows:

By the addition of the following two definitions, (“automobile” and “nuisance”) placed between the fifth and sixth paragraphs, stating that:

“Automobile” shall mean all damaged, dismantled, or derelict vehicles, whether insured or registered or not;

For the purpose of greater certainty, a “nuisance”, in respect of land, means land that shows signs of a serious disregard for general maintenance and upkeep, whether or not it is detrimental to the surrounding area, some examples of which include:

1.      excessive accumulation of material including but not limited to building materials, appliances including parts of dissembled machinery, equipment, or appliances, household goods, boxes, tires, vehicle parts, garbage or refuse, whether of any apparent value or not;

2.      any loose litter, garbage, or refuse whether located in a storage area, collection area, or elsewhere on land,

3.      damaged, dismantled, or derelict vehicles or motor vehicles, whether insured or registered or not;

4.      smelly or messy compost heaps

5.      unkempt grass or weeds higher than 20 centimetres

6.      production of any generally offensive odors;

7.      animal remains, parts of animal remains, or animal feces;

8.      any tree, shrub, or other type of vegetation or any structure

A.     that interferes with or could interfere with any public work or utility;

B.     that obstructs any sidewalk adjacent to the land; or

C.     that impairs the visibility required for safe traffic at any intersection adjacent to the land; and

9.      any noxious weeds or other weeds growing on the lands that could propagate and spread seeds, roots, rhizomes, or spores to the property of other persons; and

10.   any accessible excavation, ditch, drain, or standing water that could pose a danger to the public; and

11.   any construction project or activity not completed within four years of the date the building permit for the project or activity was issued, or if no permit was issued, within five years of starting construction.

This bylaw shall come into force and effect upon receiving third reading.