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Village of Hythe

Village of Hythe Fiber Optics RFP Questions/Request for Information and Responses: August 16, 2019

Request a map of the town showing the current locations of the residential, commercial, industrial & municipal buildings.

Future growth plans:
The Village of Hythe is currently working on preparing a Municipal Development Plan. The Municipality has several in-fill and/or vacant lots available for current development. The intention is for each lot to be service ready (i.e., drop at each lot or location whether currently developed or vacant).

Information on current utilities, whether in-ground or aerial:
Utilities (i.e., gas, electrical, communication) are owned/provided by other parties and not owned by the Village. There are both in-ground and overhead utility pipe/lines running through the community.

The Village of Hythe and through a contracted service agreement with the County of Grande Prairie endeavor to provide seamless and as quick as possible responsive decisions pertaining to permitting applications.

Any current buildings owned by the Village that have access to backhaul fiber (Alberta Supernet or Telus):
The Village of Hythe does not own communication building in the municipality. An Alberta Supernet line was brought to the community during the development of that particular federal program.

The Village of Hythe Library

Board Position

The Village of Hythe Library Board is now accepting applications for a board member.  Our Board meets once a month.  Applications should be interested in libraries and related services and line in Hythe or the surrounding area. For more information contact Char at 780-356-3014.