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2009 Highlights

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NOVEMBER 23, 2009

Hythe Municipal Sustainability Plan
:  A local Municipal Committee of 4-5 members needs to be formed. If you are interested in serving your community this way please contact the Village Office. Two council members will also be on the committee.  We would appreciate your input -- please take time to answer the questionnaire in this weeks paper and return it to the Village Office.  Your comments are important. 
Christmas Hours
The Village of Hythe office will be closed afternoon of December 24th and Christmas Day, December 25.  Also, New Years Eve Day, December 31 and New Years Day, January 1, 2010. 
Street Plowing
Public Works is doing their best to serve you - please be patient as they work to get the street cleared of snow.
Council made a motion to purchase portable signs to be used for closing the streets during snow plowing and street sweeping. 
Clearing of Snow & Ice from Sidewalks - Non Residential Bylaw
Every occupant, owner of house, shop, building, lot or parcel of land, fronting or abutting on a street where there are sidewalks shall within the first 24 hours after every fall of snow or hail or after a fall of snow from off any building, shall remove entirely the snow.  No person shall cause any injury to the sidewalk or pavement with any instrument when engaged in removing the snow or ice.  Where non-residents and other persons neglect or refuse to clean the sidewalks within the 24 hours it is lawful for the Village to remove the snow and expense the said owner.  If non-payment of the expensed removal it will then be charged against the property as a assessment to be recovered with other taxes.

NOVEMBER 9, 2009

MLA, Wayne Drysdale  visited Hythe Council.  He had just returned from the PC Convention where the current leadership received 76% confidence vote.  He said  there is 17 million in grant money in the Sustainability Fund.  The Government expect  to be back in the black in three years.  They are now focusing on Energy and doing a competitive review to compare regions.  Highway 43 from Wembley to Secondary Highway 723  tender has been accepted, they have til next year to finish.  He informed council that the MSI Grant money has been approved.

Hythe Fire Department
The fire department will be purchasing about a dozen new air tanks, the old ones are out dated and made of inferior material. 

Phase 1 of Sewer Line Rehabilitation
The first step will be repairing the main sewer line along the highway and some other areas.  The costs is expected to be $375,000.  Work on Phase 1 will commence in the spring.

Regional Municipal Sustainability Plan
Their vision is “to fulfill an advisory roll by identifying and compiling common priorities and coordinating efforts to address issues that cross municipal boundaries.”  A local Municipal Committee needs to be formed.  Two council members will be on the committee along at least three members from the community.  Please take time to answer the questionnaire in this weeks paper and return it to the Village Office.  Your comments are important. 

Illegal Parking
Please do not park your vehicles - truck, cars, motor homes, etc. on the Village Boulevards.  All street parking must be moved every 24 hours. 

OCTOBER 26, 2009

Hythe Public Works is pleased with the arrival of the long awaited front end loader.  This should make street clearing easier this winter.
Thanks you Encana for the cords of firewood you provided for the Hythe Municipal Campground.
Alberta Transport is working on the culverts along the Highway 43 through Hythe.  Drainage should be much improved in the Spring as a result of their efforts.
Hopper Well will soon begin drilling a new well at the North end of town.  This is part of the five year plan.
Campground will be officially closed on November 2.  It will reopen before the May long weekend.

OCTOBER 13, 2009

Council received a report from the Hythe Agricultural Society - the pool needs our communities support financially.  Renovation costs over the past five years have been extremely high - salt system, plumbing, pool lining and new roof.  It will take at least two years for the pool to catch up financially.  If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be made to the Hythe Agricultural Society.  Also, adult lifeguards will be needed May 2010.  Any help you can give will go a long way in keeping our pool open.