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2011 Highlights

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Alberta Transportation
Alberta Transportation will be putting Engine Retarder Brake Signs up at three different locations on or near Highway 43in Hythe.  This will help reduce the noise from large trucks passing through our community.
AUMA Conference
Councillor Philips and Councillor Olson attended the AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association)
Conference late September in Calgary.  It was an opportunity for them to meet other councilors from communities around Alberta and to attend training seminars.  Congratulations to Councillor Krista Olson for being appointed to the AUMA’s Small Communities Committee which deals with matters which are important to small communities, like Hythe, throughout Alberta.  www.auma.ca
FCSS Board Position
Council is accepting applications for Advisory Board Members to work with Hythe’s FCSS Director, Monica Shaw.  If you are interested in serving on the board please contact the Village of Hythe.
inline Sewer Rehabilitation
Work was completed on 101 Street and Mainline Contracting is now reconstructing the sewer lines on the West side of the highway to the lift station. 
Burning ByLaw # 504
Bylaw #504 for the purpose of banning burning of paper and cardboard within the corporate boundaries was given the third and final reading on October 25.  Council encourages residents to recycle their paper and cardboard in the appropriate bins behind the Curling Rink.
TOP Soil
There is a supply of Top Soil on the North end of town for the use of Hythe residents.  Please contact the Village Office before taking it for your personal use.
Assessment Service Contract
The current contract with the County of Grande Prairie expires at year end.  Council reviewed the Assessment Service Contract and agreed to renew it with the County, for the next three years.
Next Council Meeting
The next council meetings will be at 5:30 p.m. on November 14th and November 28th in the Village Office.


Mainline Construction
Phase II of the sewer rehabilitation project has started.  Work will be on 100th Street through to 101 Ave and then to Tags and across the highway & railway to the sewage lift station.  Cost of project is $760,000.00
CAO Position
The Village of Hythe’s new CAO is Greg Gayton.  He comes to us from Whitecourt, AB.  Welcome Greg.
ByLaw Enforcement Officer
Council has signed the Peace Officers’ Service Agreement with the County of Grande Prairie entering into an agreement for a Bylaw Enforcement Service. 
Equipment Purchased

Council agreed to purchase a one Ton truck for the Public Works Department.  The flat deck will be used for sanding purposes during the winter.

Author’s Book Launch
Council wishes to congratulate Hythe’s former librarian Karen Bass on the launch of her new third book, “Drummer Girl”.  Her book was promoted at the  Grande Prairie library on October 1.  Congratulations Karen!!

FCSS Home Support

Council entered into an agreement with the County of Grande Prairie to provide Home Support for Seniors.  FCSS Hythe can help you with arrangements is you are in need of this service.  

New Fire Chief
Council approved the appointment of Ken Westwater as Fire Chief for the Village.  

Burning ByLaw # 504

Council is in the process of approving a burning bylaw to ban the burning of cardboard and paper within the municipality as there is provision for residents, businesses and institutions to recycle cardboard and paper.  Bylaw #504 has been given first and second readings.
Recycle Program
The Blue Bag Curb Side Recycling Program was cancelled for lack of interest from residents. We found that only 15 to 20 homes were using the service on a weekly basis. However, you will continue to see charges for recycling on your utility bill as there are continual costs to maintaining the recycling bin area, located behind the curling rink.  The Village, along with the County, provides these services to Village and County residents.
Next Council Meeting
The next council meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on October 24th in the Village Office.

AUGUST  2011

Mainline Construction
Phase II of the sewer rehabilitation project will cost $760,000 – work will begin on this project this fall beginning on 100th Street through to 101 Ave and then from Tags across the highway and railway to the sewage lift station.
New Culvert
A new culvert was installed on 98th Avenue in the Industrial Park. 
Hythe Agricultural Fair
The 36th Annual Fair – An End of An Era – has come and gone.  Special thanks to all who volunteered to make this a fun day for all to enjoy.
Recycle Bins
All the Recycle bins have been moved behind the curling rink for your ease of use. Please see that your recyclables are placed in the appropriate bins and that the area is kept free of trash.
Recycle Blue Bag Program
Due to the lack of interest of residents (approximately 15-20 residents of 281 were using the program) Council voted to cancel this service to residents effective Sept 1, 2011.  Residents are encouraged to use the recycle bins. 
Cardboard Bin
There is a large brown bin in the New Recycle Area for your recycled cardboard boxes.  Please flatten the cardboard and put in the appropriate slots.  This bin is for cardboard only.
CAO Position
Council have been reviewing applications for the position of CAO as Administrator, Christene Livingstone will be retiring this fall.
Stop Signs and Truck Route
Several new stop signs have been placed around town.  As well, there will soon be new signs erected to designate the official truck route.
Home Support
Council is looking into providing Home Support either through the County or through our local FCSS. 
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Council is reviewing a service agreement with the County of Grande Prairie to hire a County By-Law Enforcement Officer.
STEP Students
Special thanks to our STEP students, Ben Williamson, with Public Works and Kristen Sheppard, the Tourist Booth for an awesome job this summer.
Next Council Meeting
The next Council meeting will be September 19 at 5:30 in the Village Office.


Bylaw #503
Village Council revised and updated the General Traffic Bylaw.  The purpose of the Bylaw is and has been to control and provide regulations and penalties pertaining to  roadways and streets within the Village for the orderly and safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking of vehicles on the said roadways and streets. Council approved this bylaw at the June 13th meeting.
New Library Board Members
Gail Erickson and Willow Hauber were appointed as new library board members at the Hythe Public Library.
Recycle Bins
The Recycle Bins will be moved from the current location, by the Public Works shop, close to the Hythe Curling Rink.  In September there will be a new bin for recycling cardboard. 
Lagoon Lift Station
Due to the heavy rainfalls this summer public works was kept busy preventing the lagoon from overflowing and averting any sewage backup into homes.  Thanks guys for your help those long days where you worked around the clock unnoticed.
Fire Chief
Council accepted the resignation of Fire Chief John Woltjer.  Acting interim Fire Chief is Paul Godel.  Thank you John, for your years of dedicated service as a volunteer to the Hythe Fire Department and our community, your awesome job was greatly appreciated by Council and the residents of Hythe. 
Mainline Construction
Phase II of the sewer rehabilitation project will cost $760,000 – work will begin on this project this fall beginning on 100th Street through to 101 Ave and then from Tags across the highway and railway to the sewage lift station.
County Weed Inspectors
The County of Grande Prairie appointed two weed inspectors – Jo Coupland and Jaimee Ross to our district, their purpose is to identify obnoxious weeds and under the Weed Control Act of Alberta see that sites with these weeds are cleaned.  Your co-operation with them is appreciated.
Hythe Agricultural Fair
We look forward to the Hythe & District 36th Annual Agricultural Fair on August 21, 2011.  Special thanks to all who volunteer to make this a fun day for all to enjoy.
Hythe Librarian Retirement
Karen Bass retired as Hythe’s Librarian after sixteen and half years of service to our community.  Thank you to Karen from Hythe Council for a job well done.  Krista Isaac is now Librarian.

MAY 2011

Compost Pile & Burning Pile
Continue to take care when putting old wood and scraps (without nails) on the burn pile.  Also, take care that your compost clippings are removed from plastic bags and containers before adding them to the compost pile.  These piles are for your convenience, so treat the areas with care, following all signs of instruction.  Thank you.
Hythe Community Centre
Council concurred to write a letter of support to the Peace Wapiti School Board asking them to extend their lease to the Community Centre as the Centre works to becoming self-sustaining.
School Cleanup
Council wishes to thank the Hythe Regional Jr. High for their help in keeping our Village clean.  They were out in full force on Thursday, May 12th picking up trash around the Village streets.  Thank you for a job well done.
2011 Budget
Hythe Council approved the 2011 Budget set at $2,119,628.89, which includes $658,825 for Phase II, sewer rehabilitation, to start soon.
Street Cleaning
Many folk in Hythe expressed their thanks to Public Works and Rob Adams of Beaverlodge for a great job of cleaning/sweeping the streets so quickly and efficiently this spring. Thank you men for a job well done.
Welcome to Hythe
Thanks to the Hythe Chamber of Commerce and their many volunteers for the new “Welcome to Hythe” signs along the Highway. Don’t they look great!!  
STARS Air Ambulance
STARS reported to Council that from their inception in Grande Prairie - Nov 2006 to now - May 2011 - they have responded to 1684 calls, of which 31 calls have been in the Hythe and District area.  We are grateful for the work they do. Therefore, Council approved to continue the $2.00 per capita grant to STARS, for the next three years, in support of their operational costs.

Spring Clean-Up
Bins are for your use by the new fire hall for this year’s Spring Cleanup – there is a bin for household garbage and electronics.  A bin for metal is at the Public Works Compound. If you are not able to lift the metal into the metal bin, leave it beside the bin (eg. Old stoves, fridges, etc.)  For seniors: If you are not able to move items to bins, please call.

Trailer Park
Council approved adding additional gravel and re-grading the roads in the trailer park.

Alley Ways/Back Lanes
Please do not store your vehicles, trailers in the back alley ways.  The back lanes are for emergency use and are not to be blocked. Parked vehicles in the back alleys will one day be towed.  Kindly remove them to your yard before this happens. Also, when you are doing your yard clean-up, compost items and trash should not be thrown over the fence into the back lanes.  There is a compost area for your use by the town shop. 

APRIL 2011

Sewer Blockage
Public Works spent a lot of time clearing a huge blockage in the main sewer line, working day and night, so that your homes weren’t affected.  Please use care in what you put into the sewer.  Feminine products, paper towels, disposal diapers, rags should not be put into these lines.  Future problems may result in an increase to taxes to cover costs of undo care.  Thank you to Alton Berg and Ken Robertson for helping during this crisis.
Sgt Finley, Inspector Seidemann and S/Sgt Gear attended council.  They encouraged reporting of crimes, unlawful use of property, etc. to them.  Seidemann said, “Police are the community and the community are the police.”  We all have a responsibility.  
Hythe Athletic Association (Arena)
They are grateful to the County of G. P for their contribution of $100,000. for a new Zamboni.  Thank you to the County of Grande Prairie.
Recycle Bins
The Recycle Bins will be moved from their current location, by the Public Works Compound, to their new location, by the Hythe Curling Rink soon.  County of Grande Prairie will put in a gravel bed for them.  When you use them do not abuse them.  See that your garbage is cleaned up.
New Public Works Employee
Council is please to introduce Travis Peterson as our new employee to our Public Works.
Elevator Road
Council agreed to maintain the Elevator Road in the industrial park.
Ken Brandsater Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award
Congratulations to Lori Hewitt who was nominated to receive the Volunteer of the Year Award in memory of Ken Brandsater.
Spring CleanUp
Council will see that bins are placed by the fire hall for this year’s Spring Cleanup – there will be a bin for household garbage and electronics.  A bin for metal will be at the Public Works Compound. If you are not able to lift the metal into the metal bin, leave it beside the bin (eg. Old stoves, fridges, etc.)  For seniors:  If you are not able to move items to bins, please call.
Next Council Meeting
Next Council meeting will be held at the Village Office on Monday, May 9, 2011.

MARCH 2011

Hythe Headliner
The Hythe Headliner Office moved from the old firehall and is now located in the Village of Hythe Administration Building.

FCSS Office

The FCSS (Family and Community Support Services) Office moved from the Village Administration Office to the Hythe Community Centre (formerly the Hythe Regional Jr. High School).  Office hours are Mon-Tues 9-5 and Thurs-Fri 9-5.

Rae Dolemo Park
Councilor Lyle Sipe advised Council that the Hythe Elks would be working at installing CSA approved playground equipment at the Rae Dalemo Park (North on 105 St off of 101 Ave.) this summer.  Thank you Elks for your donation to the Village of Hythe.

Hythe Cemetery Committee
Council appointed Debbie Balderson to the Hythe Cemetery Committee.  Wendal Hommy is chairperson for this committee.

InterMunicipal Meeting
Council attended the InterMunicipal meeting in Sexsmith on March 16.  These joint meetings are for all the communities councils to meet together to share ideas and visions for the region.

Wembley Community Celebration Dinner and Ribbon Cutting
Several members of Council attended the Ribbon Cutting and Celebration Dinner March 17 at Wembley for the Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative.  More information on this initiative can be found at their website www.riverofdeath.ca

Public Works Foreman
Council accepted the resignation of public works foreman Leonard Chapman.  Matthew Robertson is now responsible for Public Works Department.  Thank you to Taylor Rudrum for helping out during the last heavy snowfall.

Pancake Supper
Council invites all newcomers and all residents to the Hythe Pancake Supper on Wednesday, April 27at 5-7 pm.  Please join us at the Hythe Legion that evening.

Next Council Meeting
Next Council meeting will be held at the Village Office on Monday, April 11 at 5:30 pm. 

JANUARY 24 & FEBRUARY 14, 2011

COPS (Citizens On Patrol) - Three COPS members from the Town of Sexsmith spoke to Council about their program. They travel with a partner for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday nights, every other month or so. Sexsmith members range in age from their 40s to 78 years, and a Citizen On Patrol never approaches a person (or persons). Application forms are available at the Village Office for anyone interested in this easy way to help protect the community.

Sewer Line Rehabilitation, Phase II - This project, costing $642,782, is now underway. You may have seen survey crews in the Village this month doing preliminary work. Phase II includes 100th Street, and also the sewer line where it crosses Highway 43 and the rail line by Tags. Phases were determined two years ago when all the sewer lines were flushed and then inspected with a camera.

Regional Emergency Response Program - Council is participating in a project called "Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Program (GPREP)". It is a pilot project that is being well-received throughout Alberta. At this time, members include the City and County of Grande Prairie, Sexsmith, Hythe, Beaverlodge, Wembley, and the Grande Prairie Regional College.

"Welcome to Hythe" Signs - New "Welcome to Hythe" signs have been purchased by the Hythe Chamber of Commerce. The signs are to go up along the highway as soon as the snow is gone.

West County Water Shed Society - The West County Water Shed Society spoke to Council about work along the Beaverlodge River to protect this waterway. A quote from an article in the January - February 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic Magazine about the Beaverlodge River says: "Trees are among the best tools to clean water and restore habitat. Over the past three years, 100,000 trees have been planted along this river and its tributary streams -- the largest such undertaking in Alberta history." The Society is looking for members and contributors. They have several projects in mind. If you are interested, please phone K athy at 780-518- 1560.

JANUARY 10, 2011

Snow Removal
It is difficult to remove snow from the streets with vehicles parked in the snowplow route. Long term parking on the streets during the winter means that your street will not be cleaned properly. Please ensure that your vehicles are moved.

Hythe Community Centre
The Hythe Community Centre now has a certified kitchen which can be used for small functions. Play Castle and Hythe Play School are operating out of the Centre. The Centre was recently subdivided and rezoned so that small businesses can operate out of the building. Ashley Irland is acting director. The phone number is 780-356-2778

Phase I Sewer Rehabilitation Project
Approved by Council that the Village apply the Federal Gas 2009 &2010 Tax Refund of $100,000.00 to finish the Sewer Rehabilitation Project, Phase I.

Phase II Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Council was informed that the Minister of Municipal Affairs (Provincial) approved $642,782.00, the exact amount of Phase II. Work will begin in summer of this year..

Street Improvement Program

Council approved $50,000.00 from the SIP Grant to improvement of downtown sidewalks. This project should be done in the summer.

Citizens On Patrol Program (COPPs)
Cst. Milan Kirschner will present more on C.O.P.P.’s to interested community residents on Monday, January 24 at 6:00 pm. Volunteers are needed to be the “eyes” and “ears” to assist in the deterrence of crime. All are invited to attend this meeting.

Next Council Meeting

Monday January 24 at 5:30 pm is the next scheduled Council Meeting. All meetings are open to the public.