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2014 Highlights

December 8, 2014, Minutes

Present:       Mayor Gary Burgess

Councilors:   Lyle Sipe

Gordon Nicholson

Carol Descoteaux

CAO:             Greg Gayton

                     Elise Mumert – Reporter for West County News

Delegation:    Blair Smith

Jennifer Harwood

Joy Juneau

Christine Juneau

Alice Wutzke

Ralph Taylor

1.  Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

2.  Minutes of the November 24, 2014 regular Council meeting 

MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the November 24, 2014 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.                              CARRIED 12/14/155

3.  Business arising from the Minutes: listed below

Public Hearings:
Bylaw #522 – residential use in commercial buildings – 5:30 p.m.

Bylaw #522 rescinded Bylaw #510 both these bylaws dealt with the residential use in commercial buildings. All five members of the delegation attending were opposed to the proposed Bylaw #522.
Ralph Taylor stated that he felt there should be some assurance of continuity in use. It was difficult for the property owners to plan and upgrade the facilities when they were unsure of what uses would be allowed in the future.
There was some discussion of different options and what other community do. Jennifer Harwood talked about the mixed use district that she lives in, in Grande Prairie. Where there is a mixture of residential, commercial and home based business allowed. There was some discussion about possibly breaking down the allowable usages by the percentage of available space in the building. For example, allowing a certain building to have 50% residential in the rear of the building and 50% commercial in the front.
Joy Juneau noted that the demand in buildings has pretty well exclusively been residential. She had a rental house become vacant recently and had over 100 people apply to rent the house. These people came from all across Canada and they were evidence of the dire need for rental housing.
Some of the delegation did not feel they should have to apply for site specific rezoning. They encourage Council to look at other options to deal with the issues that have been coming up.
Mayor Burgess noted that the proposed Bylaw has only been given first reading and has not yet passed. He committed that Council will consider the positions put forward by the delegation and deal with the matter later on in the meeting.
Blair Smith, Jennifer Harwood, Joy Juneau, Christine Juneau, Alice Wutzke and Ralph Taylor left the meeting at 5:55 p.m. Ann Nordhagen joined the meeting at that time.

Bylaw #523 – rezoning of land to industrial – 5:50 p.m.

Bylaw #523 is regarding the rezoning of SW ¼ - 13 – 73 – 11- W6. The proposed rezoning Bylaw #523 was to rezone the property M-1 General Industrial, to permit industrial development.
Ann Nordhagen had a number of concerns regarding the proposed bylaw. She asked what Western Manufacturing’s intentions were in terms of time lines on this property. She wondered if the company had a five, ten and fifteen year plan for development of the parcel in question.
Ms. Nordhagen had concerns about them storing tanks close to the highway. While it was understood that they required a development permit for a permanent structures, there was some question on whether or not a tank was considered a permanent structure and may not have to meet the setback requirements that permanent structures do. This will be researched further.
There was some discussion about the relocation of the approach, this matter has been discussed with Alberta Transportation and a new location has been chosen. Ms. Nordhagen advised that some of her primary concerns would be the noise and racket that would come from the site, garbage blowing off the site and on to their property that is due east of it, and generally the aesthetics associated with living next to an industrial property.
She was wondering if the industrial development complies with the County’s plans for her area. She had concerns about the increased traffic on the road. If there is more industrial development on there would the speed limits be decreased, to accommodate the increased amount of traffic. She asked if the developer would make provision to buy out their property. Ms. Nordhagen asked for some advice on how the development would affect their land values.
She was concern about the effects on their ground water from the adjoining  proposed development. She noted that there is a stream running through their property and they would be quite concerned if there was any contamination to the stream. She asked about proposed procedures for the reclamation of land. If the site is developed what process would be in place to reclaim it if it is abandoned at a later date. Council advised that they would discuss Ms. Nordhagen’s concerns with the developer.
Ann Nordhagen left the meeting at 6:25 p.m.

Council and staff then reviewed - 5. meetings attended and 3.business arising from the minutes.
There was some discussion about the presentation from County Enforcement Services regarding the proposed 30 kilometer per hour speed zone. There is a substantial amount of signage required for County Enforcement to enforce the new limit. It would be a significant budgetary expenditure to put up the 19 signs required. Council noted that there would be some difficulties for people adapting to the new limits.
Council then moved on to 6. Correspondence:

a) Wayne Drysdale – open house. No one from Council will be able to attend.
b) Peace Library System – mtg. highlights and budget. Correspondence was reviewed and received for information.

4.  Representation:

a) Monica Shaw – FCSS Report – Monica Shaw joined the meeting at 6:45 p.m.
FCSS Director reported on some events that were hosted in conjunction with the West County Children’s Committee. 
She had attended the FCSS Association Alberta annual conference in Edmonton on November 11 – 14, 2014. At that conference she received an award of Merit for long time service in FCSS. 
She continues to participate in inter-agency discussions in Beaverlodge and in Horse Lake. 
There has been some discussion with Western Manufacturing, regarding the housing needs for their employee’s. The FCSS Director is working with senior management at Western Manufacturing to find a solution for their housing needs for new employees.     Monica Shaw left the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

5.  Meetings Attended:
Council and staff reported on the meetings they had attended from November 24, 2014 to December 8, 2014.
- listed above

6.  Correspondence:

a)    Wayne Drysdale – Open House – listed above

b)    Peace Library System – mtg highlights and budget – listed above

7.  Other Business & Information:

a)  Sewer main relining – second progress payment
CAO noted that the second progress payment is being paid tonight on this project. Work is completed for this phase. There may be some additional work done next spring.

b)  Waste Collection Contract – renewal -- CAO advised that he had some conversation with County Disposal. It seems as though County Disposal are willing to renew the contract for another five years at the same rate per household that they had been using before. ($6.92 per household)

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to renew the County Disposal (2000 Ltd) contract for five year term, pending confirmation of the price.             CARRIED 12/14/156

Elise Mumert left the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

c)    Curling Club Insurance -- Council reviewed the Curling Club insurance for 2015, there was some discussion about the historical back ground on this.

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to pay the Curling Club insurance for 2015.        CARRIED 12/14/157
d)    Governance Workshop – November 25, 2014

There was a Governance Workshop on November 25, 2014 regarding the Regional Waterline. The CAO commented that the proposal to research a Regional Water system originating from Beaverlodge servicing Wembley and Hythe, had some repercussions for Hythe that should be considered. When we had originally committed to a West Waterline Committee it was assumed that the line would be coming from Grande Prairie.

e)    “No Parking” sign request
The CAO reviewed a situation where a resident had concerns about vehicles parking in front of his apartment. The concern was that his wife was in a frail state physically and they may need ambulance access at short notice. The CAO had been considering putting in a handicapped stall there and asked for Council’s authorization to research it further. The next step would be to talk to County Enforcement Services about enforcing a handicapped stall parking. Council commented favorably on the proposal.
Council then considered the two bylaws that were discussed during the Public Hearings earlier in the meeting.

f)     Bylaw #522
MOVED by Councillor Sipe to give Bylaw #522 no further readings.          CARRIED 12/14/158

g)    Bylaw #523
Will be discussed further with Western Manufacturing.
There was some discussion about development permits and the accompanying safety code permits, such as building, gas and electrical permits. The CAO noted that some of the people getting development permits are not following through with the safety code permits. He advised that the Village staff would be working more closely with County Safety Codes Officers to ensure that all the people who are getting development permitsare also getting the appropriate Safety Code Permits.

h)   Hythe Ag. Society – Pool
Council reviewed a three year summary of the Hythe Ag. Society swimming pool cost, as provided by the Hythe Ag. Society. This matter was received for information.

8.  Other matters (members’ business)
Mayor Burgess requested some information about asbestos disposal at the Hythe Pioneer Home, he asked for some research on how it is being done to ensure the asbestos is being disposed of in a safe manner.

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to go into camera.              CARRIED 12/14/159

9.  In Camera
a) Public Works Supervisor – update
While in camera, Council discussed the vacant Public Works Supervisor position.
MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session.       CARRIED 12/14/160

10.   Adjournment
MOVED by Councilor Nicholson that the meeting be adjourned.  CARRIED 12/14/161
Time of adjournment was 8:25 p.m.

November 24, 2014 - MINUTES

Present:       Deputy Mayor Lyle Sipe

Councilors:   Cheryl Phillips

Gordon Nicholson

Carol Descoteaux 

CAO: Greg Gayton

                   Elise Mumert – Reporter for West County News

                   Glenda Farnden - STARS          


1.  Deputy Mayor Sipe called the meeting to order at 5:25 p.m.

2.  Minutes of the November 10, 2014 regular Council meeting 

MOVED by Councillor Phillips that the minutes of the November 10, 2014 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.                           CARRIED 11/14/149

3.  Business arising from the Minutes: listed below

4.  Representation:

a) Glenda Farnden – STARS
Glenda Farnden gave Council and update on how the Northern STARS Service which is based in Grande Prairie is progressing. She noted that it gets busier every year, as the call volumes are increasing every year. All the municipalities in the Northern Alberta Region, serviced by Grande Prairie have been contributing to STARS at a rate of $2.00 per capita, per year. Donations make up 70% of STARS budget. The calendar campaign raises $10,000,000.00 in funds towards the organization. They are averaging over 300 missions per year from the Grande Prairie base.
Ms. Farnden noted that they are trying to extend the $2.00 per capita funding arrangement through all the municipalities in Alberta. There was some discussion about the service. It was noted that STARS is using a larger helicopter in some of the larger bases. However the larger helicopter cost an additional $1,000,000.00 per year in fuel consumption. So at this point in time it is not suitable for the Grande Prairie base. Ms. Farnden requested that the Village continue its commitment for another three years at $2.00 per capita, this rate is unchanged from the previous three year commitment.
Glenda Farnden left the meeting at 6:00 p.m.
Tracy Ferguson joined the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

b) Tracy Ferguson – Conspiracy of Hope
Tracy Ferguson wanted Council to know about the Conspiracy of Hope presentation that the Alberta Treasury Branch is sponsoring January 22, 2015 at the Hythe Community Centre. The Conspiracy of Hope is a presentation done to open up conversations about suicide and its impact. Grande Prairie and area have one of the highest suicide rates in Canada. Ms. Ferguson had noted that so far this year there have been three funerals in the Hythe and Beaverlodge for victims of suicide. So it is hoped this presentation will raise awareness and education about the impacts suicides have on the community and educate people about what resources are available.
Council thanked Ms. Ferguson for her presentation.
Tracy Ferguson left the meeting at 6:04 p.m.

Dave Campbell, Peace Officer Supervisor from the County of Grande Prairie Regional Enforcement Services joined the meeting at 6:05 p.m.

c) Dave Campbell – County Enforcement Services
Council had discussed some issues regarding  enforcement at the October 20, 2014 regular Council meeting. It had taken some time to get a meeting scheduled with the County representative.
Council discussed with Mr. Campbell the proposed 30 kilometer speed limit through town. He noted that there should be significant signage on every entrance into town and on every street, to ensure that anyone who come into town has seen a sign posted noting the 30 kilometer limit. If the limit was done throughout town, there would be no need for 30 kilometer playground zone signs or school zone signs.
There was some discussion about whether the industrial area should be at 30 kilometer limit also. Council indicated that they may consider that area separately.
A question was raised about having a few more morning  patrols. Mr. Campbell noted that the early shift for the bylaw enforcement staff starts at 7:00 a.m. so it would be difficult to have people here much earlier than 7:45 a.m. He did note that  there is some patrolling that happens late at night. Councillor Sipe felt that perhaps patrols that happen late at night may be more effective in dealing with some trouble spots.
Council had asked about the word “exhibits” that was used on the monthly reports. Dave Campbell explained that when some time is given to exhibits that means that officers are preparing evidence and ensuring the evidence is recorded so that it will stand up in a legal proceeding.
Council had an issue regarding a vehicle in town that maybe carrying ethanol, the vehicle is often parked in a residential area where the driver lives. At this point in time we have no way of knowing whether the vehicle is loaded with ethanol or not.
Dave Campbell recommended that there be some research done the provincial Dangerous Goods Act and that would be the best avenue to follow in terms of ensuring the goods are being handled legally. The vehicle that is handling it is not a large truck, so it would not be covered under the truck restrictions in the traffic bylaw. Staff will attempt to get Dave some more information on the specific vehicle.
Dave Campbell left the Village with some mapping regarding sign placement for the proposed speed limit.
Dave Campbell left the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Bevan Toews & Serge Hombert from Western Manufacturing joined the meeting at 6:30 p.m. 

d) Bevan Toews & Serge Hombert – rezoning bylaw 
There was some discussion, and Council then reviewed Bylaw #523 which is a bylaw for re-zoning. Some discussion followed regarding the southern access to the property on to highway 672. Councillor Sipe felt that the access should be further away from highway 43. CAO advised that Western Manufacturing and the CAO had met with Provincial Development Officer last winter and had discussed the matter in detail. A new access site will be put in further east of the existing access site at a location that is satisfactory to both the land owner and to Alberta Transportation.
There was some discussion about the accesses and how they fit into the highway 43 alignment when highway 43 is twinned. Concept plans from Alberta Transportation note that the highway will go along east side of the building and through the property that is being considered for re-zoning. Staff will have some of the plans from Alberta Transportation available for the next meeting, so this matter can be looked at in more detail. Bevan Toews did indicate that it was an issue for them to plan an appropriate access onto highway 43. 
The CAO noted that if Council did wish to proceed with first reading of Bylaw #523, then the re-zoning bylaw would be advertised and a public hearing would be held at the December 8, 2014 regular Village Council meeting. 
There was some discussion about the time lines for the development of the project. It was felt there could be some discussion about sewer servicing for any new development that would occur on that parcel.
Elise Mumert left the meeting at 6:38 p.m.
Bevan Toews & Serge Hombert left the meeting at 6:46 p.m.

3.  Business arising from the Minutes
Council then dealt with some business arising from the minutes. CAO reported that there had been some additional water testing done in the area surrounding the Pioneer Home. All the tests came back fine without any problems.

Council then moved on to meetings attended.

5.  Meetings Attended:
Council and staff reported on the meetings they had attended from November 10, 2014 to November 24, 2014. 
Councillor Descoteaux reported that she had attended a Continuing Care Board meeting.
Other Councillors and CAO had also reported on the meetings they had attended.

6.  Correspondence:

a)    Audit Tenders – for decision
Audit Tenders were reviewed, CAO had invited tenders from four firms in the Grande Prairie area, only one response had been received. It was noted that the base rate for this proposal was less than the base rate in the previous year.
MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to accept the three year audit tender proposal from MNP covering the 2014, 2015, and 2016 fiscal years.                     CARRIED 11/14/15                                                                           

b)    Bill Rogan – administration award – received for information.

c)    Grande Prairie County – two year term for Home Care Agreement
County of Grande Prairie had indicated that they were not comfortable with a two year term on the agreement for the Home Support Services. They felt that three year term would be more acceptable. They did point out that there is a 60 day clause in the agreement so neither party is tied into the agreement for longer than 60 days if they do not feel that it is appropriate any longer.
MOVED by Councillor Sipe to accept a three year agreement for the County of Grande Prairie for Home Support Services.                        CARRIED 11/14/151

7.  Other Business & Information:

     a)  Gas Tax Infrastructure Fund – received for information.

b)  Bylaw #523 – first reading – authorized the zoning of part of the southeast of

33 11 W6 containing 46.43 acres. Presently the land is used agriculturally. New zoning designated it as Industrial General; M-1 zoning.
MOVED by Councillor Phillips to give first reading to Bylaw #523.            CARRIED 11/14/152
Council then discussed the request from STARS for funding.
MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to contribute to STARS at the requested rate of $2.00 per/capita, per/year for three years - 2015, 2016 and 2017.                     CARRIED 11/14/153

c)  Cheque listing – cheques 20140643 – 20140791 – received for information.

8.  Other matters (members’ business)
Council decided to have a Christmas Lighting Contest judging on Monday, December 15, 2014 starting at 7:00 p.m.
Council requested a map of the homes affected by the recent planned power outage.
Councillor Phillips advised Council that the Royal Purple had set aside $2000.00 for the proposed skateboard park.
Councillor Sipe asked that 107 street be kept clear where Clayton Christie and Wes Navratil are parking on the street.       

10.   Adjournment
MOVED by Councilor Phillips that the meeting be adjourned.
                                                                                               CARRIED 11/14/154
Time of adjournment was 7:35 p.m.

November 10, 2014  Minutes

Present:        Deputy Mayor Lyle Sipe

Councilors:   Cheryl Phillips

                    Gordon Nicholson

CAO:           Greg Gayton

          Elise Mumert – Reporter for West County News

    1.  Deputy Mayor Sipe called the meeting to order at 5:20 p.m.

    2.  Minutes of the October 27, 2014 regular Council meeting 

MOVED by Councillor Phillips that the minutes of the October 27, 2014 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.                              CARRIED 11/14/143

Minutes of the October 27, 2014 Organizational meeting
MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the minutes of the October 27, 2014 Organizational meeting be approved as presented.                   CARRIED 11/14/144

3.  Business arising from the Minutes

CAO reported that the problems with the lagoon anaerobic cells had been dealt with and the work had been done.
CAO also noted that the sewer lining program had completed Friday, November 7, 2014. The project will come in under budget as the company determined that it was not necessary to put plastic lining on the service lines on 103rd  street.
Some of the contract funds that were available due to that decision will be used to replace the manholes in front of the arena and east of it, if the contractors have time to do that this winter. The company may also repair two service lines on 103rd street that required replacement.

4.  Representation:

a) Ryan Neilsen – rezoning request
Mr. Neilsen purchased the old welding building located at 10109-101 avenue. Mr. Neilsen was interested in doing some improvements to the property and wanted to discuss it with Village Council.
He noted that the site was a good place for storage for his construction related business. They have already made several improvements to the property adding one building, and are presently taking out the sewer storage tank and connecting into the Village’s sewer system.
Mr. Neilsen would like to put a mobile home on the property as that would make it easier for someone to keep an eye on the business and keep watch on the items that are stored. He also noted that he would be willing to fence the property for aesthetics purposes. Village Council encouraged him to consider putting a six foot fence around the property and continue ensuring that it has an acceptable appearance.
It was mentioned that normally recreational vehicles are not allowed to park on the street. That situation that occurred last summer.
Council will review the request for a mobile home at a later date. Ryan Neilsen left the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

5.  Meetings Attended:
Council and staff reported on the meetings they had attended from October 27, 2014 to November 10, 2014. 

    6.  Correspondence:

a)    GPREP – all hazards emergency plan
Council reviewed the All Hazards Emergency Plan provided by GPREP. CAO noted that they had reviewed a draft of this plan at an earlier GPREP meeting and recommended it for Council approval.

MOVED by Councillor Phillips to approve the All Hazards Emergency Plan as presented by GPREP.                                                          CARRIED 11/14/145

b)    Formation of a Northern Water & Wastewater Stakeholder Group – received for information

7.  Other Business & Information:

a)  Peace Officer Services Report – received for information

b)  National Children’s Day Celebration – received for information

c)  Rural Health Services Review – feedback guide
The CAO had prepared a draft submission to Alberta Health Care on the Rural Heath Review Committee. Council reviewed this submission and found it to be satisfactory.
MOVED by Councillor Sipe to approve the submission to the Rural Health Review Committee.                                                                        CARRIED 11/14/146


d)  Bylaw #522 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment
Council reviewed Bylaw #522 which would repeal Bylaw #510. Bylaw #510 had authorized increased residential use in C-1 zoning. Council noted that some of the uses that have occurred have not been what was expected. A repeal of Bylaw #510 by Bylaw #522 would leave the situation the same as it was before Bylaw #510 was passed. The bylaw #522 will be advertised in the same manner as Bylaw #510 was.

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to give Bylaw #522 first reading.
                                                                                           CARRIED 11/14/147
Elise Mumert left the meeting at 6:10 p.m.

8.  Other matters (members’ business)
Council discussed snow clearing. Council was advised that Public Works staff would work on Remembrance Day to get at some of the snow removal.
Councillor Sipe requested that the Curling Rink parking lot be cleared to ensure that there is sufficient parking for curlers off the street even when the arena is busy. He would like the snow pushed back towards the swimming pool side parking lot.
CAO will review that with the Public Works operators.
Council discussed the situation with the Hythe Pioneer Homes water system. CAO advised that they were doing some monitoring in the area and testing the wells in nearby buildings.
There was some discussion about the railway situation now that the cement structures have been moved. It was noted that rehabilitation work continues on the railway and it is possible that there might be some changes there.

10.   Adjournment

        MOVED by Councilor Nicholson that the meeting be adjourned.
                                                                                               CARRIED 11/14/148
Time of adjournment was 6:30 p.m.


Present: Mayor Burgess

Councilors: Carol Descoteaux

Cheryl Phillips

Gordon Nicholson

CAO: Greg Gayton

Elise Mumert – Reporter for West County News

1. Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 5:21 p.m.

2. Minutes of the October 14, 2014 regular Council meeting 

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux that the minutes of the October 14, 2014 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 10/14/135

3. Business arising from the Minutes: 

Councillor Phillips reported that the Hythe Pioneer Home was still hauling water into the home for residents use. She understands that there are still some water quality issues pertaining to the well at the Hythe Pioneer Home.

4. Representation:

a) Molly Weleski & Kathleen Turner – Home Support Molly Weleski & Kathleen Turner from County of Grande Prairie Home Support joined the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

FCSS Director Monica Shaw joined the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Molly Weleski & Kathleen Turner reported on the status of the Hythe Home Care Program, which is presently contracted to the County of Grande Prairie FCSS Department. Presently Home Support has six clients in Hythe. They extend support to a maximum of three hours per week per client. They are presently looking to hire a Home Support worker in the Hythe area. They supply all the training for the Home Support workers. The intent of the program is to 

allow people to remain in their own homes longer rather than moving into institutional settings. It was noted that they had three people in the program in March of 2014 and as of October the number has climbed to six. There was some discussion about the finances associated with the program. It was noted that while the Village does pay the direct cost, the County absorbs the cost for training home care workers. The County also fully funds the cost of Ms. Weleski’s position as Home Support Program Manager. All professional development is paid for by the County and in-services for the staff are mandatory. 

There was some discussion about the term of the contract. Council indicated that they felt that three years was a bit long and preferred a shorter term. Kathleen Turner indicated that would Molly Weleski & Kathleen Turner left the meeting at 5:55 p.m.

b) Monica Shaw – FCSS Report

Council met with Monica Shaw for the FCSS Report. Monica reported that the West County Golf Tournament in August 2014 had been a successful event. She is still participating in Chamber meetings and mention that there was some talk of doing early morning meetings for the Chamber of Commerce as the noon hour format was not 

working out for some people. The FCSS Director had participated in the community accessibility grant discussions. The CAO will check on the status for the accessibility grant. FCSS had ten parents sign up for the Love and Logic parenting workshop that was held. Monica was looking into a program that might work for families that home school their children.

Statistics were distributed regarding Hythe FCSS information on referral and resource programs. Council received this for information. Ms. Shaw noted that she had received a grant for $650.00 for attending the FCSS Association conference in November.

Monica Shaw left the meeting at 6:10 p.m.

c) Andy Tiesenhausen – Public Works Report

Council then met with Andy Tiesenhausen regarding the Public Work Operator’s report. There was discussion about the desludging of the anaerobic ponds in the lagoon. This is a matter that had to be dealt with on a priority basis. Council authorized staff to proceed on a temporary measure to desludge one pond this fall. This would get us through the winter. Cost of desludging the one pond would be $6,500.00. Staff advised that they would be using the budget for the furnace replacement in Well 1 to fund this expenditure. Andy obtained costs from the contractor to finish the desludging process in the sewage lagoon next year. There was some discussion regarding the need for standard operating procedures for the water system, also the drinking water safety plan has not been done. Staff will be working on that as soon as feasible and researching what other resources can be drawn upon. Mr. Tiesenhausen also asked about a winch system for the lift station. A life line system for the sewer lift station would cost $2500.00 - $4000.00. This matter will be discussed when the 2015 budget is discussed. Mr. Tiesenhausen is also interested in getting a sewer camera.

There was some discussion about sewer service line repairs. Councillor Sipe reported that he had discussed getting a cutting blade for the bucket with Mr. Andy Tiesenhausen left the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Madeline Hombert joined the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

d) Madeline Hombert - Ms. Hombert had written a letter for the last meeting regarding the bowling alley that is down 

stairs in the Latter Rain Ministry building. She was interested in finding a means to getting the bowling alley started. Councillor Sipe reported on some history on the bowling alley project from his experience on the Hythe Recreation Board. Approximately eight years ago there was some research on what would need to be done to bring the bowling alley back to proper building code standards. The facility would need to meet code for the pubic to use it. Research indicated that the price eight years ago to upgrade the bowling alley was $275,000.00. At that time the Recreation Board was not interested in putting that sort of public investment in a privately owned building. It was also noted that if the building was brought up to code it would require handicapped access. There was some general talk about down town redevelopment and could be done to make the down town a more prosperous place. It was noted that the Latter Rain building is zoned C-1 (primary commercial). However, the zoning process does grandfather in older buildings that were non-commercial prior to the passage of the new building bylaw. So a building that is non- commercial in a commercial area would be allow to remain as a non-conforming use until the time it needs to be replaced.

Elise Mumert left the meeting at 6:40 p.m.

Madeline Hombert left the meeting at 6:55 p.m.

5. Meetings Attended:

Council and staff reported on the meetings they had attended from October 14, 2014 to October 27, 2014. Councillor Descoteaux reported that she had attended a Chamber meeting, there were only three people in attendance.

6. Correspondence:

a) Health Review Panel – Falher, October 29, 2014

An email was received on Friday, October 24, 2014 from the Health Review Panel requesting a delegation from Hythe in Falher for a meeting on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. There was no time established yet for the meeting nor was there a facility indicated. 

CAO will attend and will contact the Mayor once a time of day for the meeting has been 

b) AUMA – fuel rebate -- Council was informed that the AUMA will be giving the Village a $100.00 fuel rebate for 

Councillor participation in the AUMA Conference. 

c) Meeting Notes – West Waterline -- Information was received regarding the Governance Workshop for the West Waterline study. The West Waterline deals with a regional waterline in the Grande Prairie, Wembley, Beaverlodge and Hythe area. Doing the study required a one day workshop on Governance. Council indicated that the dates proposed first week in December would be preferable.

7. Other Business & Information:

a) Progress Payment – sewer re-lining – received for information

b) Farm Safety Centre – request for grant Council reviewed information from the Farm Safety Centre. This organization provides programs to class rooms throughout Alberta on Rural Farm Safety. The Farm Safety Centre also provides one class at the Hythe Regional School.

MOVED by Councillor Phillips to make a contribution to the Farm Safety Centre for $300.00. CARRIED 10/14/136

c) Meeting notes – West Waterline – received for information Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Workshop. Information was reviewed regarding a SDAB Workshop presented by BrownLee Law. CAO was given authority to attend the Workshop on November 27, 2014 in Peace River if time permitted.

8. Other matters (members’ business)

The Mayor asked about an older vehicle that was parked in the UFA lot next to the Fire Hall. It was suspected that this vehicle might be used by the Fire Department for Jaws of Life training. CAO will check on the matter further. Budget meeting, Council was asked if they were interested in commencing the budget preparation process for the 2015 budget. It was decided to set a budget meeting for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, November 17, 2014. There was further discussion about the Home Support Contract. Kathleen Turner had circulated a new two year contract prior to leaving the meeting.

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to enter into a two year contract with the County of Grande 

Prairie for Home Support Services. CARRIED 10/14/137

MOVED by Councilor Descoteaux that the meeting be adjourned.  CARRIED 10/14/138

Time of adjournment was 7:55 p.m.

October 27, 2014
OrganizatiOnal meeting of Hythe Village Council  

Present:       Mayor Gary Burgess 

Councilors:   Carol Descoteaux

Cheryl Phillips

Gordon Nicholson

Lyle Sipe

CAO:            Greg Gayton


Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 7:55 p.m.

The Village mileage rate is presently .50 cents a kilometer, meeting fees are $90.00 per/meeting and maximum meal allowances are set as follows: $12.00 for breakfast, $18.00 for lunch and $30.00 for supper.

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux that the Village’s meeting fees, mileage rate and meal allowance remain the same.           CARRIED 10/14/139

Council then reviewed its appointments to Organizations, Boards and Committees.

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that all the appointments be approved as presented.           CARRIED 10/14/140

by Councillor Sipe that the dates and times for the Hythe Village Council meetings remain at 5:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.           CARRIED 10/14/141
If a Monday falls on a statutory holiday then the meeting will be held on the following Tuesday.

MOVED by Councilor Phillips that the organizational meeting be adjourned.          CARRIED 10/14/142

Time of adjournment 8:05 p.m.


Present: Mayor Burgess

Councilors: Carol Descoteaux

Gordon Nicholson

Lyle Sipe

Cheryl Phillips

CAO: Greg Gayton

1. Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 5:21 p.m.

2. Minutes of the April 28, 2014 regular Council meeting

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the minutes of the April 28, 2014 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 05/14/58 

3. Business Arising from the Minutes: 

There was some discussion about the process for tendering out the sewer main work, CAO advised that our engineers at Beairsto, Lehners, Ketchum will look after preparing the tender package and putting it out for bid. Council will receive a summary of the bids once the engineers have reviewed it and have a recommendation available.

4. Representation:

a) Introduction of new reporter – West County News. The new reporter for the West County News was not in attendance.

Public Works Supervisor Matt Robertson was also not available for this meeting.

5. Meetings Attended:

Councillors and the CAO reported on the meetings they had attended in the past two weeks, between April 28, 2014 and May 12, 2014. Councillor Phillips had attended a Pioneer Home Board meeting, there was some discussion 

about the maintenance issues at the Pioneer Home. Councillor Phillips reported that the CAO is in the process of obtaining some new staff.

Councillor Sipe reported on the May 3rd  applications for County funding were reviewed. The committee has made its recommendation and it will go back to the County for ratification. Councillor Sipe reported on some of the grant 

applications that were discussed.

The CAO had reported that a Cemetery board meeting had been held on May 6, 2014. Pete Tofteland will be spraying for weeds and dandelions out at the cemetery this year. Steps will taken to ensure trees and shrubs are protected from the herbicide applied.

Councillor Nicholson had participated in the Hythe Library’s road side trash pick-up program on Saturday, May 3rd

6. Correspondence:

a) Provincial Funding – FCSS Hythe & District Recreation board meeting. The grant. This was a fundraiser for the Library.

Correspondence on Provincial funding for FCSS was reviewed. The conversation turned towards some of the local issues with FCSS. Council felt that the change of schedule for FCSS should be advertised and FCSS’s promotional material, for example business cards, signage, etc. should be changed to reflect the new hours.

b) AUMA Board News 

c) City of Grande Prairie – Municipal Govt. Day

d) Flood Recovery & Reconstruction Act

Items 6. b, c & d were received for information.

7. Other Business & Information: 

a) Building Canada Plan -- The CAO reported that he had done some research on the plan, however some of details are still vague. We are waiting for information from Alberta Infrastructure.

b) Tax Incentive Program -- Council reviewed a policy that had been discussed before, much of the content had been 

borrowed from the Town of Beaverlodge. Some changes were made to fit it better to Hythe’s circumstances. 

c) Municipal Affairs – In Camera discussions – received for information.

d) Vera Tyberg – request for tree removal Mrs. Tyberg had written a letter asking that Council pay for repairs to her weeping tile, as it was claimed that this was caused by the trees on the boulevard. Council did not feel that the Village should be responsible for repairs to weeping tile.

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to decline to pay the requested amount for weeping tile repair. CARRIED 05/14/59

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to remove the trees on the boulevard as requested. CARRIED 05/14/60

e) Bylaw #519 Mill Rates -- Bylaw #519 sets the taxation rates for the 2014 fiscal year. 

MOVED by Councillor Phillips first reading of Bylaw #519       CARRIED 05/14/61

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux second reading of Bylaw #519       CARRIED 05/14/62

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to consider Bylaw #519 for third and final reading at this meeting.  CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 05/14/63

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to give Bylaw #519 third reading.     CARRIED 05/14/64

f) MSI grant changes --  CAO commented that changes in the Public Works staffing in Beaverlodge and in Wembley, 

it would be difficult to carry through with the joint cracking filling project as discussed earlier this year. Councillor Sipe requested some research on the cost of getting our own crack filling apparatus. As there had been $9,000.00 allocated in the 2013 MSI schedule for this project, there was some discussion about other ways to use this MSI operating money. There was some discussion about water and sewer in the campgrounds, however we have not received a written quote on this and Council did not feel it would be appropriate to commit the money without a written quote.  Council discussed other possibilities for back hoe operators to install the water and sewer at the campgrounds.

 g) Cheque summary – cheques # 20140247 – 20140319 -- Council reviewed cheques #20140247 -20140319, and accepted those for information.

8. Other matters (members’ business) -- It was noted that we will be digging a burrow pit for the work on the industrial subdivision road. There was a suggestion that some of the dirt that has been piled up west of the Village office from the Pioneer Home project, possibly could be moved to that site and buried in the burrow pit when filling it back in. This would help the Pioneer Home with the cost on the project and also the clean-up. The CAO will contact the Pioneer Home CAO with this suggestion.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the dirt from the Pioneer Home apartment project be moved to the site next to the Public Works shop; and that the metal be separated and put in the metal bins. CARRIED 05/14/65

Council noted that an arrangement had been made with Travis Peterson in April of 2011 regarding his training costs when he had been hired. The resolution to hire required him to pay back the Village’s costs for getting his Level 1 water and sewer certification if he does not stay for two years. The CAO noted that we had used funds from the MSI grants to help pay for water and sewer training for both the staff that had their Level 1 certification. Staff are still finalizing the amount, but it looks like the approximate amount for Mr. Peterson is $2,000.00. It was noted that some of the paper work regarding a contract on this matter had not been completed.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to wave the repayment of training fees for Travis Peterson as noted in Council resolution 11/04/39. CARRIED 05/14/66

CAO noted that Alberta’s Urban Municipality’s Association annual conference is in Edmonton this year, September 24 – 26, 2014. Councillors Descoteaux and Phillips will check their schedules and see if they are available to attend. 

Councillor Nicholson noted that Barry Reed was installing a four post hoist in the old fire hall which he is renting from the Village. The CAO will write a letter to Mr. Reed noting that no changes should be made without the permission of the building’s owner, ie: the Village. 

Councillor Nicholson inquired about the street sweeper, he was advised that we will have Beaverlodge’s street sweeper in town. Beaverlodge usually does their own streets first, before we get access to the sweeper.

Mayor Burgess had noted that the student’s from the Hythe Regional School had done a town wide clean up today, he suggested that a present be bought for the school in recognition of the students efforts. It could be presented at the graduation ceremonies. Staff will also run a thank you ad in the paper.

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to go into camera. CARRIED 05/14/67

9. In Camera – 

a) Duty to Accommodate

While in camera Council discussed a personnal matter.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session. CARRIED 05/14/68

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux that the CAO request some medical documentation from the Public Works Supervisor. CARRIED 05/14/69

10. Adjournment

MOVED by Councilor Nicholson that the meeting be adjourned.  CARRIED 05/14/70

Time of adjournment 7:55 p.m.

Notes from the Hythe Council meetings of
February, March & April, 2014

February 10, 2014 – There was a review of the Christmas hamper program with our FCSS director. It was noted that Christmas hampers are intended to cover meals in the holiday season and not intended to extend into the rest of the year.

Discussions with the Public Works Supervisor revealed that many other municipalities are not using road salt on gravel roads. Salt is increasingly viewed as a pollutant by the government.  So we did some scarification of gravel roads this winter, and then used a straight sand mixture.

Council voted to donate $500.00 towards the new Odyssey House addition in Grande Prairie.

February 24, 2014 – At the February 24th meeting, Council met with publisher Rebecca Dibbelt to discuss the Hythe Headliner. The economics of running of a small newspaper, with limited private-sector advertising support, had caught up to the Headliner. We are sorry to see it go, but Council did not feel that substantial amounts of taxpayers’ money should be used to keep it operating.

We discussed some sewer issues. We are noticing more problems with older sewer service lines. We are trying to help out landowners with these matters, but the cost is getting prohibitive. Our policy on sewer line replacement will be reviewed again this summer.

March 10, 2014 – Council passed a motion to approve Roberta Frost’s appointment to the Hythe Library Board.

During the FCSS report there was some discussion about our Director helping to set up a food bank at Horse Lake. Having a food bank there would take some stress off of the Hythe food bank.

The Village received $91,297.00 in Municipal Sustainability Operating funds this year. This will go towards a number of projects, plus grants to community groups.

Council also reviewed the cost of recreation insurance for 2014. In 2014 our cost of insuring recreational and community facilities was $67,009.00, compared to $63,223.00 in 2013.

March 24, 2014 – Council discussed some issues at the sewer lift station. We had a shutdown there because of large rags that got caught in the impellers.

Residents and businesses should refrain from disposing of large objects in the sewer manholes. If our lift station backs up, there could be sewer back-up throughout the system. Let us know at the Village office if you see anyone disposing of materials directly into a manhole. Thanks.

January 13, 2014

It was noted that the emergency access back alleys north of 103rd street will no longer be cleared for the remainder of this winter. It has become far too difficult to find a spot to place the snow when plowing the tight confines of the back alleys.

As noted in our ad in the Hythe Headliner on January 16th  we are trying to persuade residents to put their garbage cans away during the week. There is no reason to have your garbage receptacle out after Friday night. It would help the overall look of your neighborhood if the cans were put away.

There was a brief discussion on property tax penalties. For taxes that are late past the end of July deadline, an 18% penalty is levied in early August, and at the end of December, an additional 18% penalty is added to the entire balance owing.

Council had asked staff to make some recommendations on the matter and research what other municipalities are charging for penalties. We will have this review completed before tax notices are mailed out in May of 2014.

January 27, 2014

Council met with Sgt. Mike Bennett of the Beaverlodge RCMP Detachment. The quarterly report from the last quarter of 2013 was reviewed.

There was some discussion about the search for Linda Donnelly, who went missing from the Pioneer Home Lodge on December 11, 2013.

During the Public Works report there was extensive discussion about sanding. The Public Works department had been refraining sanding graveled roads and alleys because of the damage that excessive salt does to the surface of the road. They had been trying to deal with the problem by scarifying the gravel surfaces rather than sanding them. Council directed Public Works to find some salt–free sand, (or sand with a much lower salt level) and use that instead.

Council had some discussion about the lack of a meeting regarding the Health Complex announced for Beaverlodge. Since the announcement on November 29, 2013 the municipalities in the area were hoping to get together to discuss plans for the new building. A meeting had not been called yet. Further research has revealed that the Town of Beaverlodge is waiting for information from Alberta Health before they call the meeting.

Council gave all three readings to Bylaw #518. This bylaw forbids the removal of snow from private property onto public property. The bylaw also forbids the removal of snow from one private property to another private property.

The fine for violation of the bylaw shall be $50.00.

The guiding principle behind this bylaw is that property owners are responsible for dealing with heavy snowfalls within the confines of their own property. They cannot solve the problem by moving the snow onto an adjacent property, or out on the street.