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2017 Minutes

FEBRUARY 13, 2017

Present:       Mayor Gary Burgess

Councilors:   Gordon Nicholson

                    Nadine Adolf

                    Carol Descoteaux 

                    Lyle Sipe

CAO:            Greg Gayton

1. Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 5:25 p.m.


2. Minutes of the January 23, 2017 regular Council meeting.


MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the minutes of the January 23, 2017 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.          CARRIED 02/17/18

 3. Business arising from the Minutes:
     CAO noted that the staff had taken the headache rack and the Fleetmatics apparatuses off the Toyota truck.

 4. Representation:
     a) Theresa Boudreault – 5:30 p.m.
     b) Steve Rawlyk – 5:30 p.m.

    Theresa Boudreault, FCSS Program Director and Steve Rawlyk, Public Works Supervisor were both unable to attend the meeting.
    Ms. Boudreault was on vacation and Mr. Rawlyk had a sewer main blockage that he was dealing with.

5. Meetings Attended: Council reviewed the meeting that they had attended from January 23, 2017 to February 13, 2017.
Councillor Nicholson reported that he had attended a meeting of the Grand Spirit Foundation and they are still working on construction details for their new building.
Councillor Descoteaux had attended a Library board budget meeting.
CAO noted that he and Public Works Supervisor Steve Rawlyk had attended meetings in Grande Prairie. They met with Alberta Environment to discuss issues with underground water levels and they also met with GFL Contracting regarding issues with garbage pickup.
CAO also noted that he had attended a meeting on January 27, 2017 regarding drainage issues with Pioneer Place.

6. Correspondence

a) Horse Lake First Nations – Annual Gathering
Mayor Burgess was invited to attend the Horse Lake First Nations Annual Gathering, that would run through the week of July 1, 2017 to July 6, 2017. This is a gathering of all the representatives of Treaty 8 First Nations. Mayor Burgess indicated that he would have to check his schedule further. The matter was tabled until the Mayor’s schedule can be confirmed.

b) AUMA – annual membership
Council reviewed information from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association regarding their services to the membership and the benefits of being a member of the AUMA.

MOVED by Councillor Adolf to pay the annual membership for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.          CARRIED 02/17/19

c) Postal Banking – received for information

d) Peace Regional Fire Chiefs – donation request
Council reviewed a request for a donation from the Peace Regional Fire Chiefs. The Peace Regional Fire Chiefs have held an annual conference that is attended by officers and fire fighters from across the northern region. The conference is usually held in Peace River. CAO noted that having the ability to have conferences in Northern Alberta does save the fire department money as opposed to having them go to Edmonton. It was noted that our fire department does often send representatives to this conference. Sponsorships for the conference were available in varying amounts.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to support the Peace Regional Fire Chiefs with a sponsorship of $200.00.          CARRIED 02/17/20

e) Hythe Population increase
Council received information regarding the 2016 federal census. The data just received noted that the population had increased from 820 in the 2011 census to 827 in the 2016 census. The CAO noted that the Villages population had stayed very steady over the last ten years.


7.  Other Business & Information:

a) Cash Position report
CAO had prepared a brief analysis of the Villages cash position at year end December 31, 2016. Received for information.

b) ALARIE update – disposition of assets
Information was received regarding the distribution of the ALARIE assets. The distribution of the assets will not be finalized until March or April of this year.

c) Municipal Law seminar
Reynolds, Mirth, Richards and Farmer will be holding a session in Grande Prairie on March 3, 2017. This is usually an all-day seminar. Mayor Burgess was interested in attending, but will have to see if his work schedule will permit it. The CAO noted that he would like to attend also. Council advised that they could attend if it worked out for them.

 d) Dog issue – Received for information.

8. Other matters (members’ business):
    CAO noted that there had been discussion regarding a blade for the skid steer, Council felt that this would be a good addition to our snow clearing efforts as it would give the skid steer a bit more flexibility in     terms of dealing with drive ways.
The Public Works Supervisor had obtained two quotes. Council reviewed the two quotes. It was noted that in the future Council would like Public Works to get quotes from Cassity Equipment as well for this type of purchase.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to approve the purchase of the skid steer blade from Big City Equipment in the amount of $4290.00          CARRIED 02/17/21
by Councillor Adolf to go into camera.          CARRIED 02/17/22

Council went into camera at 6:31 p.m.

9.    In Camera
a) Alberta Environment
b) Personnel matters

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session.          CARRIED 02/17/23

by Councillor Adolf to continue with the existing grid arrangement for the accounting clerk/assistant CAO as discussed.          CARRIED 02/17/24

Council noted that the Code of Practice for water systems required that chlorine residual monitoring be monitored with in the distribution system daily, this requirement has become very onerous for the public works staff as it requires visiting private residences every day to obtain water samples. Staff has been doing this weekly. When they do Bacti samples their also doing chlorine samples. However a recent inspection noted that the requirement is for daily samples.

by Councillor Descoteaux to appeal the condition noted in the Code of Practice regarding chlorine residual monitoring with in the distribution system.          CARRIED 02/17/25

10.  Adjournment
MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the meeting be adjourned.           CARRIED 02/17/26

Time of adjournment was 7:08 p.m.

JANUARY 23, 2017

Present:       Mayor Gary Burgess

Councilors:     Gordon Nicholson
Nadine Adolf
Carol Descoteaux
Lyle Sipe

CAO:            Greg Gayton
         Steve Rawlyk – Public Works Supervisor
         Mark Morrical – Beaverlodge Peace Officer
         Gerry Leibel – Reporter – Town & Country News

1. Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.


2. Minutes of the January 9, 2017 regular Council meeting.


MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the minutes of the January 9, 2017 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.          CARRIED 01/17/07

Council moved on to the delegations.

Mark Morrical introduced himself, he is presently working for the Town of Beaverlodge as a Peace Officer, and he does their bylaw enforcement and animal control. He explained that he has a wide variety of experience in different areas doing enforcement related duties. When he was working for the Town of High Prairie, he was also contracted out to the Town of McLennan and the Village of Donnelly for enforcement purposes.
Council asked him to explain his overall philosophy in terms of dealing with infractions. Constable Morrical explained that he was willing to give people time to remedy an infraction as long as there’s proof that they are making progress. He is a believer in working with his clients and keeping the lines of communication open.

There was some discussion about his working with dogs and animal control, including vicious dogs. Mr. Morrical explained how he would deal with a vicious dog incident.
It was noted that some earlier discussions on possible contracting out, had mentioned four hours a week as a work load. Council questioned if four hours a week was enough. Mr. Morrical noted that there is a large amount of time required for paper work for all enforcement. CAO noted that there was still some flexibility in the arrangements.
Mark Morrical left the meeting at 5:54 p.m.

Council then met with Public Works Supervisor Steve Rawlyk.

Mr. Rawlyk reviewed with Council his priorities for snow clearing and how he was approaching the issue during major snow falls.
There was some discussion about several insurance matters that are ongoing. Our Toyota truck hit a deer shortly before Christmas and that claim is still not settled. As there is substantial damage, the insurance company is not sure whether they should repair the Toyota or replace it.
The Public Works staff have been reviewing their inventory at the Public Works Shop regarding the theft incident on January 5, 2017. There are a substantial number of tools gone, some minor damage to the GMC truck and one window at the Public Works Shop still needs to be repaired.

Fire Chief Ed Woloszyn joined the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Council discussed snow clearing in more detail. There was some discussion that we should look into getting a blade for the skid steer.  Councillor Sipe noted that he felt that 107th Street and 104th avenue immediately east of 107th Street, should be able to move all the snow to the north side of 107th  Street and all the snow on 104th Avenue to the east side of 104th Avenue. Councillor Sipe noted that this has been our past practice with these areas.  Steve Rawlyk left the meeting at 6:07 p.m.

Fire Chief, Ed Woloszyn was present to give Council the annual report for the Hythe Fire Department. He circulated a summary showing that the Hythe Fire Department had 188 calls in the 2016 calendar year. A large portion of these were medical first responses at the Hythe Pioneer Home.  Chief Woloszyn advised that the Fire Department has 16 active members.  They continue to do a lot of in house training to meet government requirements and their own needs.  Some of the younger members are going to Calgary to take the Stair Climb Challenge. He noted that they have some younger volunteers in the department who are working their way up through the system.
Council complimented Chief Woloszyn on the running an efficient and effective fire department. Councillors noted that they have heard many positive comments in the community about our fire department. Councillor Sipe encouraged Chief Woloszyn to keep up the good work.
Ed Woloszyn left the meeting at 6:22 p.m.

3.  Business arising from the Minutes: No business arising from the minutes.

4. Meetings Attended: Council reviewed the meeting that they had attended from January 9, 2017 to January 23, 2017.

5. Correspondence

a) Oil and Gas awareness day -- A request had been received regarding an Oil and Gas awareness day – received for information.

b) County of Grande Prairie – Hwy 43 and 43X intersection -- The County of Grande Prairie was concerned about Alberta Transportation’s plans for the Hwy 43 and 43X intersection. They had put forward a letter of concern to the Minster of Transportation and requested letters of support from the municipalities.

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to support the County of Grande Prairie’s position regarding construction of the Hwy 43 and 43X intersection.          CARRIED 01/17/08

c) Alberta Govt. Finance Officers Association – membership -- The CAO circulated some information on the Alberta Governments Finance Officers Association. He felt that this would be an organization that would be worthwhile joining. Cost of the annual membership is $32.00.

MOVED by Councillor Adolf to join the Government Finance Officers Association of Alberta.           CARRIED 01/17/09


6.  Other Business & Information:

     a) Rates and charges – various departments
CAO reviewed rate and charges for various services offered by the municipality. It had been awhile since many of these charges have been reviewed. Comparable information from the Town of Beaverlodge, Town of Wembley and the County of Grande Prairie was provided where applicable.

MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to approve the rates and charges as discussed.          
CARRIED 01/17/10

b) Sanding agreement – for review
The CAO presented a draft agreement regarding sanding on private property. It was noted that the Village sander had been used for a number of project where they were doing services on private property. The agreement noted that the Village will extend this service to private land owners, but only after the obligation to do streets and roads with the sander have been met. Council discussed some of the wording of this document. The agreement was set up so it could be used for each separate sanding project.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to approve this sanding agreement at presented.          CARRIED 01/17/11

Gerry Leibel left the meeting at 6:50 p.m.

7.    Other matters (members’ business): 
The CAO noted that there is still and outstanding amount on the books of $67,298.77 which represents loans that the Village has made over the past years to the Hythe Agricultural Society for operation of the swimming pool. This includes loans from capital projects and loans for cash flow. As the pool is no longer being operated, Council noted that it was doubtful that these funds would ever be paid back to the municipality.

MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to forgive the loans owed to us by the Hythe Agricultural Society for operation of the swimming pool in the amount of $67,298.77.          CARRIED 01/17/12 
Councillor Adolf noted that Travis Peterson wished to advise Council that Culligan is ordering a mother board for the water well in Willow Grove. There continues to be some maintenance issues at Willow Grove well. She also asked that the exterior light above the door at Willow Grove be repaired.
When the rates and charges had been discussed earlier in the meeting, Council noted that there was an issue with damage to some of the residential garbage receptacles. Part of the problem are left outside all week which leaves them more susceptible for damage and detracts from the appearance of the Village. Council asked administration to runs some advertising encouraging people to put their garbage bins away after garbage pick-up. It was noted that leaving your garbage bin out all week gives the impression that no one is home and could cause a security risk.

by Councillor Adolf to go into camera.          CARRIED 01/17/13

While in Camera, Council reviewed some estimates for security improvements, individual bills for some community facilities in terms of sewer and garbage and compensation for staff.

8.    In Camera
a) Phone Co – security estimates
b) Community facilities – utility billing
c) Compensation review

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session.          CARRIED 01/17/14

by Councillor Adolf to cancel water and sewer invoicing on community facilities as per discussion.           CARRIED 01/17/15

by Councillor Sipe to make compensation adjustments for staff as discussed.          CARRIED 01/17/16                             

9.  Adjournment
MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the meeting be adjourned.          CARRIED 01/17/17

Time of adjournment was 8:19 p.m.

JANUARY 9, 2017

Present: Mayor Gary Burgess
Councilors: Gordon Nicholson
                  Nadine Adolf
                  Carol Descoteaux
                  Lyle Sipe
CAO: Greg Gayton

1. Mayor Burgess called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.

2. Minutes of the December 12, 2016 regular Council meeting.

    MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the December 12, 2016 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.         CARRIED 01/17/01

3. Business arising from the Minutes: There was no business arising from the minutes.

4. Representation:

    a) Bylaw Enforcement Officer – Mark Morrical (tentative)     The Beaverlodge Bylaw Enforcement Officer was unable to attend this meeting but will be attending the next meeting on January 23, 2017.

5. Meetings Attended: Councillors reviewed the meeting that they had attended between December 12, 2016 and January 9, 2017.
    Councillor Descoteaux had attended the library Christmas party, and the Pioneer Home Christmas party.
    Mayor Burgess, Councillors Sipe, Adolf & Nicholson had attended the Christmas light up judging.
    Councillor Nicholson had two Grand Spirit Foundation meetings.
    Mayor Burgess had met with a business regarding fiber optic internet and also met with County Bylaw Enforcement, regarding a dog issue.
    Council Sipe advised that the Community Choir had held concerts in many of the public facilities over the Christmas season.
    There was some discussion regarding the meeting with County Bylaw Enforcement Officers on December 30, 2016 regarding a Rottweiler and the subsequent handling of the matter.

6. Correspondence
    a) County of Grande Prairie – ACP grant – received for information
    b) Electoral Boundaries Commission – January 15, 2017 – Grande Prairie Electoral Boundaries Commission is meeting in Grande Prairie on January 15, 2017 for public input. Received for information.
    c) Grand Spirit Foundation – 2017 requisition
    d) Peace Library System – 2017 requisition
    e) Minister of Municipal Affairs – 2016 capital grants
    f) Hythe Regional School
    Items c, d, e, and f received for information

7. Other Business & Information:
    a) Water/Wastewater Course – on-line training      CAO reviewed some information for on-line Water/Wastewater courses for Level 1 certification.
    b) Municipal Affairs – registration on candidates for campaign financing      CAO advised that for those Councillors seeking re-election in October 2017, there were requirements from Alberta Municipal     Affairs in terms of reporting on campaign finance and donations received. Council noted that there were very few expenses involved in campaigning for Village Council.
    c) Sewer main relining – Phase five       CAO presented a draft budget for allocating sufficient funds to complete a phase five sewer main project, a map was circulated showing where phase five was.
    d) Cheque summary – cheques #20160860 – 20170036 – reviewed by Council and received for information.

8. Other matters (members’ business):
    Councillor Sipe advised that he had been approached by Calvin and Jane West regarding water and sewer servicing. This matter can be revisited in the spring.
    Council had some concerns about the snow clearing on 107 th street and on 105 th avenue. CAO will forward these concerns to the Public Works Supervisor.
    CAO noted that the governance session for the West Water Line project was booked for January 19, 2017.There was a suggestion that elected officials attend, however Council felt they were                 comfortable sending the CAO to represent the Village of Hythe on this matter.
    MOVED by Councillor Descoteaux to authorize the CAO to attend the governance meeting on January 19, 2017 and represent Council at that session.         CARRIED 01/17/02

    Council reviewed some possible dates for the first budget meeting, it was decided to hold the meeting on February 6, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

    MOVED by Councillor Nicholson to go into camera.           CARRIED 01/17/03

    While in Camera, Council reviewed a tax cancellation and utility billing.

9. In Camera
    a) Tax Cancellation – Roll #3150-001
    b) Utility Billing

    MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session.          CARRIED 01/17/04

    MOVED by Councillor Adolf to cancel the property taxes on roll #3150-001 (Old Fire Hall)         CARRIED 01/17/05

10. Adjournment

    MOVED by Councillor Nicholson that the meeting be adjourned.          CARRIED 01/17/06

Time of adjournment was 7:22 p.m.