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2018 Minutes

MARCH 26, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson

Councillors:  Ed Smith
Craig Hewitt
Lyle Sipe

CAO: Greg Gayton
         A delegation from Canadian Fibre Optic Ltd.

1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.  

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into camera with the delegation from Canadian Fibre Optics.          CARRIED 03/18/43
While in camera, Council discussed a possible business arrangement.

MOVED by Councillor Smith to go back into open session.          CARRIED 03/18/44

Council went back into open session at 6:33 p.m.
Council then met with Dennis Hussey and Peter Ho from Beairsto & Associates Engineering. Dennis Hussey and Peter Ho discussed the proposal for Asset Management Application. Beairsto will charge $5,000.00 for preparation of the application. If it is successful there would be grant funding available to the Village, based on an 80/20 cost sharing agreement. This grant funding would be used to provide a comprehensive Asset Management Plan for the Village.
Mayor Peterson indicated that Council would discuss a decision on that later on in the meeting.

Council also met with Beairsto to review the sewer rehabilitation program. Dennis Hussey distributed some information on where the rehabilitation program was at. Phase five is due to be done this summer. There was some discussion about the technical aspects of relining sewer mains as opposed to excavating and replacing sewer mains. Dennis Hussey promised to provide Council with a small cross section of actual sewer pipe for promotional purposes.
Dennis Hussey and Peter Ho left the meeting at 6:55 p.m.

2. Minutes of the March 12, 2018 regular Council meeting

  MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the March 12, 2018 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 03/18/45

3.  Business arising from the Minutes: No business arising from the minutes.

4.  Representation:  
a) Canadian Fibre Optic – 5:30 p.m. (in camera) - see above
b) Beairsto & Associates – 6:00 p.m. – see above

5.  Meeting Attended:
Council reviewed the meeting they had attended from March 12, 2018 – March 26, 2018.

6.  Correspondence:

a) AEP waterworks – inspection report
Council reviewed the annual inspection reports from Alberta Environment, regarding the Willowgrove system and the Well 1 system in Hythe. Council was concerned about some of the problem areas identified in the report. It was noted that the inspector had required an action plan from the Village to be completed by April 15, 2018. Council provided some comments on what should be in that action plan.
CAO will report back to Council when the action plan is completed.

b) Asset Management workshops
CAO indicated that he would book himself into some Asset Management Training on April 11, 2018 in Peace River, and on May 24 & 25, 2018 in Grande Prairie.

c) Arena water test
Council reviewed the water test from the Hythe Arena. There was some question as to which well at the arena the sample was taken from. Councillor Sipe commented that it had been a long-standing problem with the water well at the arena, that the sodium levels were too high, and this has negatively affected the ice quality.
Staff will work with the Hythe arena in terms of reviewing measures to lessen the amount of sodium.

7.  Other Business & Information:

a) Safety Code administration agreement

Council reviewed the formal agreement for the Safety Codes Administration. This governs building permits, plumbing permits, electrical permits with in the Village of Hythe. There was some discussion about how these services are advertised and promoted on the web sites of the Village and the County. Council felt that the Villages development permit could possible contain a bit more information about what was required for County building permits.

MOVED by Councillor Smith to approve the Safety Codes Administration agreement with the County of Grande Prairie for a five-year term.          CARRIED 03/18/46

b) Subdivision & Development Appeal Board agreement
Council reviewed a proposal from staff to change the way Subdivision & Development permit appeals are heard. Staff felt that it would be more appropriate to change that responsibility to a regional board. This would ensure that the appeal board would be experienced in dealing with appeals and have the proper training needed to sit on a board of that nature.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to approach the County of Grande Prairie regarding administration of the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board.          CARRIED 03/18/47

c) ATCO – LED lighting
Council reviewed a proposal from ATCO to convert all the street lights in town from high pressure sodium lighting to LED lighting. This would have the effect of reducing the power consumption from the street lights and modernizing the street light infrastructure. It would also give more flexibility in future development and use of the street lighting system.
Councillor Smith and the CAO had met with ATCO on this in March. They noted that there were some changes in the structure of the arrangement between the Village and ATCO, however, the net cost to the Village is approximately $230.00 per year to make the complete conversion to LED lighting.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to approve the change for a conversion to LED street lighting as requested by ATCO.          CARRIED 03/18/48

d) Education taxes – 2018
Council reviewed the 2018 Education taxes, as announced on the provincial budget announcement on March 22, 2018. The education taxes had stayed at much the same level as last year. That data was received for information.

e) AUMA – provincial budget
CAO provided Council with some detail on the 2018/19 provincial budget. This was received for information.

f) Minimum Tax research
Council reviewed a package of information from staff regarding minimum tax and how it would affect various rate payers in the Village. There was a thorough discussion about the various options available to Council in terms of setting a minimum tax. Once the discussion on residential minimum tax was completed, Council then gave some consideration to how commercial minimum tax should be levied and structured.
Council felt that the matter should be decided when all Councillors are present. So it was decided to table the matter until Councillor Guise is available.

CAO report –
CAO noted that Holly Sorgen would be available for the community supper on April 18, 2018. There was some discussion on what we want Ms. Sorgen to do at the supper. The conclusion was that Council would give an update on what the strategic plans had provided for input, and then Holly would help and try and draw some feedback from the crowd. In terms on what their thoughts and comments are regarding the strategic plan.
Council reviewed the March Council information newsletter and made one change.
Council requested that the Public Works Supervisor look into some GPS equipment for the front-end loader. In was noted that Brandt Tractor sells a new GPS system called a Trimble System, this system is becoming widely used in this industry.

8.  Other matters (members’ business):
There was some discussion about Randy Orr’s residence and what could be done in terms of bylaw enforcement. Council then had a discussion about unsightly premises.
There was a suggestion that the Oakford building could use some sandblasting and a new coat of paint, to help its resale value. Staff will look into that further.

Council discussed the Asset Management program as presented by Beairsto. Councillor Sipe was brought up to speed on the intent of the entire process and the levels of expenditures involved. Council was in favor in proceeding with this program.

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to go into camera.          CARRIED 03/18/49

9.  In Camera
a) Canadian Fibre Optics Ltd. – in camera earlier in the meeting.
b) Community Futures – Loan guarantees

While in camera, Council discussed proposal from Community Futures regarding loan guarantees.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session.          CARRIED 03/18/50

10.  Adjournment
MOVED by Councilor Smith that the meeting be adjourned.         CARRIED 03/18/51

Time of adjournment was 10:12 p.m.

MARCH 12, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson Councillors:  Ed Smith

Craig Hewitt

CAO: Greg Gayton

    Steve Rawlyk – Public Works Supervisor
    Nick Lapp – Director of Planning and Development for the County of Grand Prairie
    Rob Renschier – Safety Codes Manager for the County of Grande Prairie

1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:59 p.m.  

Council met first with Mr. Lapp and Mr. Renschier, they were there to discuss the renewal of the five-year agreement for Safety Codes Services with the County of Grande Prairie. The agreement had expired in December of 2017.
When Council had reviewed the matter earlier there was some discussion about the $85.00 per square foot charge for modular development. Councillor Smith noted that he had many discussions with the County about the building permit charges for basement development. Rob Renschier explained that building permit charges are an ongoing issue of discussion between the County and developers. Developers tend to understate the value of what they are building in order to qualify for a lower building permit fee, so the County has set a set of standards for building permit fees in order to standardizes the system. However, the County does provide an appeal process so that if private citizens and developers can prove that they have built a building for less than the standardized rates prescribe, then the building permit rates will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost of construction.
Councillor Smith commented that it was appreciated that the County had this flexibility to adjust their permit rates. He felt that applicants should be advised of this process before hand and it should be well known that the County rates have some flexibility.
Council then discussed the building permit fees. CAO advised that the permit fees revenue had been approximately $1,000.00 per year.
Council will review the matter for renewing the agreement at the next regular Council meeting, March 26, 2018.

Nick Lapp and Rob Renschier left the meeting at 6:20 p.m.

Council then met with Public Works Supervisor, Steve Rawlyk.
Mr. Rawlyk reviewed the water analysis reports and other issues arising from the annual inspection, which had been held on March 7, 2018. Travis Peterson had been scheduled to attend this Council meeting but was unable to make it.
There was some discussion about the chemicals in our water as noted in the annual analysis. Council and staff discussed doing the drinking water test more than once per year.
The CAO will forward Alberta Environment’s written inspection to council when that report is received.
Council and Mr. Rawlyk then discussed some routine Public Works matters.

Steve Rawlyk left the meeting at 6:44 p.m. Jacob Elias joined the meeting at this time.

Council discussed the lease arrangement with Mr. Elias, a six month lease he is presently operating under expires on March 31, 2018.
There was some discussion about the way the power and gas were presently set up in the old fire hall. Council reviewed the insurance requirements on the property. Mr. Elias provided evidence that he had contents coverage in the building. However, there was no liability insurance noted in the policy.
Mayor Peterson advised Mr. Elias that Council was looking into other options for the use of the building.

Jacob Elias left the meeting at 7:04 p.m. Fire Chief Ed Woloszyn joined the meeting at this time.

Chief Woloszyn noted that he was still working on the radio project. Following some discussion at the Fire Chief’s meeting, there was a change in plans. The Fire Chiefs decided that it would make more sense to lease radios from Vector, rather than purchasing them. They are looking at twelve hand held, two for the units and one at the base for a total of fifteen radios.
The annual cost for the lease is $17,000.00 per year. Chief Woloszyn requested that the Village consider a contribution of $10,000.00 for the radios.
There was some discussion about other fundraising options. Council inquired about fundraising from the oil companies. Traditionally companies like Encana and Alliance Pipeline have been supportive of community initiatives.
Ed Woloszyn left the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

There was a brief recess and the meeting was called back to order at 7:35 p.m.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to give Jacob Elias two months’ notice to vacate the old fire hall.           CARRIED 03/18/37

As Mr. Elias lease expires on March 31, 2018, two months’ notice would require that he vacate the premises by June 1, 2018

Council discussed the request from the Fire Chief, regarding the radios. The CAO was given some direction on that matter and will talk to the Fire Chief further.

Having finished with representation, staff and Council reported on meetings attended.

2. Minutes of the February 26, 2018 regular Council meeting

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt that the minutes of the February 26, 2018 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.          CARRIED 03/18/38

3. Business arising from the Minutes:

4.  Representation:  
a) Travis Peterson/Steve Rawlyk – water/sewer presentation – 5:30 p.m. – See above.
b) Ed Woloszyn – Fire Department Radios – 6:00 p.m. – See above.
c) Jacob Elias – old firehall lease – 6:30 p.m. (in camera) – See above.

5. Meeting Attended:
Council reviewed the meeting they had attended from February 26, 2018 – March 12, 2018.

6.  Correspondence:

a) Shannon Holland – request to keep chickens
Council reviewed a letter from Shannon Holland regarding a request to keep chickens on her property.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that Shannon Holland be permitted to keep a limit of five chickens with no roosters. Council reserves the right to revoke the approval of the chickens if there are complaints from the neighbors.          CARRIED 03/18/39

   7. Other Business & Information:

a) General Ledger – 2017-year end trial balances
CAO reviewed some information on the 2017 financial year. This included actual year end expenditures and revenues as compared to budget. It was noted that there were still some difficulties in the format in Muniware for reviewing this. Staff will work on that.

b) Minimum tax bylaws – staff memo
Council reviewed some minimum tax bylaws from other communities. Council requested that staff prepare some detailed reporting for the next meeting on how varying rates of minimum tax would affect the households and businesses in Hythe.

c) Progress report – transit study – received for information
d) Bylaw #527 Arena loan – received for information
e) South Peace Rural Community Learning – received for information
f) Plotbox software – received for information

g) Community Standards Bylaw – staff memo
Council reviewed some Community Standards Bylaws from other communities.

h) Beairsto and Associates Asset Management
Council reviewed a proposal from Beairsto and Associates regarding Asset Management programs.
Asset Management programs may be an important component in obtaining federal capital funding in the future. Council was advised that Beairsto would like to meet with Council on this matter. Council advised that they will accept a delegation at the next meeting on March 26, 2018.

  1. Other matters (members’ business):

    MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into camera.          CARRIED 03/18/40

9.  In Camera

a) Lease agreement – old firehall
b) Warmax agreement
c) Beaverlodge Hospital meeting – no attachment

While in camera, Council discussed reviewed an existing agreement with Warmax regarding a property tax concession and discussed an upcoming meeting regarding the Beaverlodge Hospital.

MOVED by Councillor Smith to go back into open session.          CARRIED 03/18/41

  1. Adjournment
    MOVED by Councilor Hewitt that the meeting be adjourned.          CARRIED 03/18/42

Time of adjournment was 11:03 p.m.

FEBRUARY 26, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson
Councillors:  Ed Smith
Craig Hewitt
CAO: Greg Gayton
Teresa Boudreault – FCSS Coordinator

1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.  
The meeting had been rescheduled for an hour later to accommodate work schedules.

Council began with the report from the FCSS Coordinator.
Teresa reported that she had just completed a babysitting course.
Alliance Pipeline had contributed $2,500.00 to use towards safety programs, and she used some of that funding for the babysitting course.  
She then spoke on her work with the Regional Traffic Safety Coalition. The Traffic Safety Coalition obtains grants to do educational seminars related to safety. They are hosting bike rodeo’s and have put on an All-terrain Vehicle Safety course.
Teresa noted that the South Peace Learning Council was interested in what courses were requested in Hythe.  CAO requested that Teresa forward some information on what SPRL has hosted in the past. Council will consider this at a future meeting.

There was some discussion about regional transportation issues. It was noted that in addition to the regional transportation study that is presently being done through Alberta Community Partnership grant, there is now a Provincial program that was recently announced. Further discussion centered around what Hythe needs to be part of a Regional Transportation system. It was noted that any bus services should be done on a scheduled basis.
Some discussion followed regarding the Volunteer Week recognition, on April 18, 2018. Staff updated Council on the changes in the menu for the Volunteer supper.
There was some discussion on the Leaders of Tomorrow Award in conjunction with the Volunteer Week celebrations. The FCSS Coordinator advised that nominations for the Leaders of Tomorrow award are done on a regional basis. If there is a winner from Hythe, then that winner is also recognized at our Volunteer recognition event. The number of winners varies from year to year.
Teresa Boudreault left the meeting at 6:36 p.m.

2. Minutes of the February 12, 2018 regular Council meeting

MOVED by Councillor Smith that the minutes of the February 12, 2018 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 02/18/30

3. Business arising from the Minutes:
There was some discussion about having the Public Works staff deliver the mailers for the strategic plan questionnaire door to door. Many people are stating that they are not getting them in their post office box.
In response to a letter to Teare Creek as noted in the February 12, 2018 regular Council minutes. Will be sent out this week.

4.  Representation:  
a) Teresa Boudreault – FCSS report – see above

b) D’Arcy Guise – Ball Hockey at the arena -  was unable to attend the meeting due to other commitments. Council discussed his anticipated proposal regarding having ball hockey at the arena. Council was in favor of the project.
Mayor Peterson noted that he still needed to schedule a meeting with Lane Flaten regarding the arena matters. He is planning to suggest that they improve the headers in the brine system, it should be easier to do pressure testing of the lines at the headers.

5. Meeting Attended:
Council reviewed the meeting they had attended from February 12, 2018 – February 26, 2018.
Mayor Peterson had attended the February 23, 2018 Economic Development session in Clairmont.

6.  Correspondence:

a) Environment Canada – warning notice
Council reviewed the letter from Environment Canada regarding sewage lagoon operations. Council felt that it may be worthwhile to have someone provide some oversight on operating our water and sewer systems, the ensure we remain in compliance with the legislation. This would provide additional supervision regarding the changes to legislation and the reporting expected from our staff.
Council also discussed the need to ensure that the staff are getting proper training and that there is a continual commitment to compliance with all applicable legislation.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that CAO write back and acknowledge receipt of the warning notice.          CARRIED 02/18/31

b) Elected Officials – Emergency Management training
Councillors committed to some Emergency Management training on the evening of March 20, 2018 in Grande Prairie. Mayor Peterson, Councillors Hewitt, Smith and the CAO will attend.

c) Rural Transportation – pilot project
Council reviewed some information regarding the recently announced Rural Transportation Pilot project. Council noted that there is a lot of issues associated with participation in a public transit service. However, it would be worthwhile to send a letter of support for an application for the pilot project.

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to send a letter of support for an application on the Regional Transportation grant.          CARRIED 02/18/32

d) Fire Department radio’s
Council reviewed a letter from the Fire Chief to update Council on the radio project. The Fire Department is now looking at leasing radio’s rather than purchasing them. The annual cost for leasing these radios would be $17,000.00 per year.
Councillor Hewitt questioned how much funding had been obtained from the oilfields for this type of project. He noted that in the past the oilfield companies had been very supportive of community safety efforts in the area. Council also discussed other means of private fund raising.
The matter was deferred pending further research.

   7. Other Business & Information:

a) 2018 budget update
Council reviewed a memo from the CAO updating Council on the budget preparation process. It was decided to set a budget meeting for Monday March 5, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

b) Strategic Plan
Council once again discussed a strategic plan, and some next steps. It was decided to have a meeting in late March when Councillors Sipe and Guise are back. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 29, 2018.
Council felt that it would be worthwhile to have both students in Hythe Regional School and the residents of Hythe Pioneer Home involved in this strategic plan project.
Mayor Peterson contacted Dwayne Speager at the Hythe Regional School, he will consult with his teachers and provide some recommendations on how to get the students involved.
Council discussed attending some of the Friday night suppers at the Legion and possible circulating some surveys there and trying to drum up some interest.

c) Cannabis Legalization – received for information.

d) Cheque listing – 20180001-20180126 – received for information.

e) CAO report – verbal
There was some discussion about the accident that had damaged the gate leading into the old landfill. Council felt that when the gate is replaced, that there should be some reflective tape and other signage around that gate, so it is not run into again.
Council Hewitt asked about winging back some of the snow from the roads to widen it out.
Some discussion about when the news letter would be out. CAO advised that the news letter should be out following this Council meeting.

  1. Other matters (members’ business):
    Council had concerns about the job Ledcor had done for snow removal on Highway 43 during the recent snow storms. Highway 43 through Hythe was in a very rutty condition that was difficult to drive over. CAO advised that he and the Public Works Supervisor were looking at having a meeting with their new area supervisor sometime soon, so that issue will be brought up then.
    Councillor Hewitt inquired about getting speed cameras on highway 43. CAO will talk to the detachment commander about that.
    It was noted that there is a definite need for young people who are available to shovel walks and driveways for elderly people. There are some residents in town who would be willing to pay for this service. However, its seems there are not many young people willing to take advantage of that revenue opportunity.

    MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into camera.          CARRIED 02/18/33

9.  In Camera

a) Compensation review

While in camera, Council discussed compensation review.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go back into open session.          CARRIED 02/18/34

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to approve the compensation changes as discussed. CARRIED 02/18/35

  1. Adjournment
    MOVED by Councilor Smith that the meeting be adjourned.          CARRIED 02/18/36

Time of adjournment was 8:51 p.m.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson Councillors:   Lyle Sipe Craig Hewitt Bill Guise
CAO: Greg Gayton


  1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

  1. Minutes of the January 22, 2018 regular Council meeting.

    MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the January 22, 2018 regular Council meeting be approved as presented.          CARRIED 02/18/24

  2. Business arising from the Minutes:
    Councillor Sipe cited concerns regarding the Teare Creek clean up.  Discussions with CAO took place to get clean up back on track.

    MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to give Teare Creek 60 days’ notice to clean up the property, and to advise if no action taken, that assets would be sold off.            CARRIED 02/18/25

    Teare Creek will be given options in writing to deal with this existing situation.

  3. Delegations:
    a) Carolyn Nicholson – Food Bank report
    Carolyn Nicholson advised the Food Bank was staffed with two volunteers and was open between 10 am and 12 noon, and usually busy Monday mornings.  Carolyn explained the voucher has worked well for the Christmas hamper program. Hythe Bigway have been happy with how the program worked.
    Councillor Sipe expressed concerns that the Fire Dept was no longer picking up donations for the hamper program, and felt that it was a tradition and felt it should be continued.  Carolyn had enquired about the Fire Dept picking up during the fair weekend, or other parts of the year.

    Because the food hamper preparation takes a lot of space, Ms Nicholson was looking to the possibility for a larger venue for the volunteers, as the present office space is limited.  Other suitable spaces were looked into including the old Oakford building. An annual meeting is held every April and she invited all Councillors.
    Ms Nicholson left the meeting at 6:02 pm.

    Mr. Steve Rawlyk, Pubic Works Supervisor joined the meeting at 6:03pm.
    b) Steve Rawlyk – Public Works Report
    Mr. Rawlyk circulated a summary of the snow removal activities since the last heavy snowfall, and commented that residents seem to be cooperative in moving their vehicles for the snow removal.  Some damage was reported to a fence behind the Catholic Church for which he arranged to have building supplies purchased for the repair. Councillor Sipe advised that the snow build up at the old Oakford building be monitored to avoid water seepage into the basement like in the past.
    Everyone agreed that he streets were looking good, and were satisfied with the snow removal in a timely manner.  Questions were raised on the hours used on each piece of equipment, which Mr. Rawlyk was going to monitor. Mr. Rawlyk enquired about the 2018 budget to install forks on the skid steer and was advised to get some quotes.  Councillor Guise stated that a more mechanized implement could be used for spreading sand on the sidewalks. Councillors thought something could be mounted on existing equipment. Mr. Rawlyk also advised that clean up was being done on the old land fill east of town.  He said a commitment from a metal recycler in Beaverlodge was difficult to get for the removal of some old metal items.
    Mr. Rawlyk left the meeting at 6:20pm.  

5. Meetings Attended: Council reviewed the meetings that they had attended from January 22, 2018 to February 12, 2018.

Councillor Guise had concerns with how the Arena Society was running the arena.  The society is still paying two power bills and nothing had been done to fix the problem with Atco Electric.  Councillor Guise also felt that a permanent solution has to be found to fix the brine leak problems. Expertise to be sought.
CAO advised that Mr. Lane Flaten is interested in meeting with the Mayor, CAO, and Mrs. Linda Waddy from the County, to discuss the matter.  Grant money may be available to help fix the problem. Prior commitments by Mr. Flaten made it impossible for him to attend this meeting. More monitoring at the arena was recommended by councillors.

Councillor Hewitt attended the Community Futures meeting and felt that they were still very active in lending money.

Councillor Peterson reported on the Grande Spirit Foundation.  Funding was discussed, and though our senior services are provided by the Hythe Pioneer Home, we still pay a small requisition annually.  The relations between the Spirit Foundation and Hythe Pioneer Home seem to be better. The Grande Spirit Foundation will provide some financial support to the Pioneer Home.

Councillor Sipe attended the Library board meeting, and reported that he was impressed with how the manager, Charlene McCoy was managing the library, and using the public funds in a cost-effective manner.

6. Correspondence

a) Hythe Regional School – Build a Village Event
Hythe Regional School will be hosting a “Build a Village” event at noon on Wednesday, February 21.  Mayor Peterson, Councillors Guise and Sipe, as well as the CAO will attend.

b) AMSC – Community Centre Insurance - receive for information

c) NW Alberta Sports Excellence Award - receive for information
d) Elected Official Economic Development session – Feb. 23

The County of Grande Prairie sponsoring an all-day session in Grande Prairie on February 23, and Mayor Peterson has volunteered to attend.

e) AUMA – police funding - receive for information

f) Municipal Affairs – Awards of Excellence - receive for information

g) GPRTA – funding increase
Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association submitted a funding request for 2018.  There has been no increase in 10 years and with Travel Alberta grants not coming in as customary, budget problems have arisen.  They would like a .50 cents per capita increase in 2018 and another .50 increase in 2020.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to approve a 50 cents per capita increase for the 2018 Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association payment. CARRIED  02/18/26

7.  Other Business & Information:

a) Regional Handi bus study - update
CAO spoke briefly and advised that Ms. Teresa Boudreault would attend the next meeting with more details.

b) Legalized cannabis stores - receive for information

c) Leaders of Tomorrow awards
Councillors inquired about whether local winners of “Leaders of Tomorrow” award would be attending the Volunteer Recognition Event in Hythe.  CAO advised that FCSS coordinator usually attend the “Leaders of Tomorrow” functions, will ensure that if there was a local winner that they would attend the event.

d) Minister of Municipal Affairs – Feb. 14 – no attachment
Council arranged for a meeting with the Minister of Municipal Affairs in Hythe on Wednesday, February 14 at the Community Centre.

e) Follow-up from Strategic Planning Session #2 – no attachment
Council reviewed a mailer that Council Hewitt had revised for Strategic Planning.
There were more deletions, additions, and edits on mailer.  Council enquired about the “admail” mailers not getting to people who have an admail block notifier on their post office box.  MP Chris Warkentin’s mailer have been distributed to people who have mail blocking so possibly there is some ability for government to reach people with blocked mail boxes.  CAO will check with Post Office manager in this regard.

It was decided to have a public forum in the spring, possibly April, for the Strategic Plan. Council discussed having a presentation at one of the Legion’s dinner nights.  CAO advised that Ms. Holly Sorken is still working on the paper work from last February 1st session and will it be here soon.

f)   Ag. Society agreement
Council discussed changes to the clerical agreement with the Ag. Society.  Staff will prepare documents as approved.

g) Cemetery Grant report
CAO advised that Cemetery Chairman Ms. Deb Balderston has done a good job getting funding from County for improvements at the cemetery.  Ms. Balderston would like to meet with Councillors once she is back from her winter vacation.

h) County of Grande Prairie – AAMDC conference
Invitations were sent to Councillors to attend AAMDCs conference with cost paid by the county.  However, the timing wasn’t great so the CAO will ask if the invitation was still open to fall conference.

8. Other matters (members’ business):

Councillor Sipe asked about land sale issues, and CAO advised work still in progress.

CAO inquired about purchasing used mowers for the County of Grande Prairie, discussions as what type of mowers were needed.  Grass cutting along highway 43 was discussed and the CAO will check with Pete Tofteland for pricing.

Inter-municipal meeting dates were discussed and council suggested March 29 and April 5 for possibilities. Meeting to be held at the Hythe Legion with Mabel Sudnik catering.

Council Guise requested information for residents to have chickens in town.  The CAO advised that a request letter must be sent to the Village council, and also suggested that the resident canvass the neighborhood for acceptance.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go into Camera. CARRIED 02/18/27

9. In Camera
   a) ISL Engineering – Groundwater levels
While in Camera Council discussions were held for commercial proposals for engineering.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session. CARRIED 02/18/28

10.  Adjournment
   MOVED by Mayor Peterson that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED 02/18/29

   Time of adjournment was 9:07 p.m.

JANUARY 22, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson

Councilors:   Lyle Sipe
Craig Hewitt
Bill Guise
Ed Smith

CAO: Greg Gayton

               Murray Soucy – Always Waterworks

1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

2. Minutes of the January 8, 2018 regular Council meeting.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the January 8, 2018 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 01/18/14

3. Business arising from the Minutes:

Discussions about key access to old land fill site, it was mentioned that all oil companies have a common key so shouldn’t be difficult to find a key.

4. Delegations:

  1. Mr. Soucy had concerns regarding rising water levels in town. The underground aquafer is getting higher and more pressurized. The problem is compounded by the highest-pressure aquafer is the lowest of the three aquafers in Hythe.  Attempts were made for the aquafer not to intermingle. Wells have been drilled in Hythe without being properly cemented, as a result water is getting to close to the surface in some areas. Discussion about certain problem areas and a review was done by staff with former employee, Chad Wiwchar, in regards to this matter.  Wells were tested for static levels and levels should be checked as are getting old. Mr. Sousy recommended to have council take action to have the wells dug by Hopper Drilling checked as the water problems have gotten worse since the new wells were activated at the Hythe Pioneer Home expansion. A test well dug by Beairsto Engineering in 2010, near campground, showed problems with water migration between aquafers.  Council reviewed proposals from ISL Engineering received August 2017 to look into this matter. Mr. Soucy advised he would be out of the country until May.
    Mr. Soucy left the meeting at 6:31pm.

    Sgt. Dave Gallant joined the meeting at 6:32 pm

  1. Sgt. Gallant reviewed the criminal statistics in Hythe.  
    Personal crimes –

    2017 – 13
    2016 – 12
    2015 – 14
    Property crimes - 2017 – 53
    2016 – 65
    Other crimes -
    2017 – 23
    2016 – 18
    Council noted that they would like to see increased Police presence in Hythe from RCMP.
    Staff depletion in the past have made it difficult to have more presence. Sgt. Gallant stated that addition staff would be in place in March, to a full complement of
    1 Commander
    1 Corporal
    6 Constables

    He advised that a performance plan meeting will be held in April and representatives from Hythe, Beaverlodge and Wembley will be invited.
    Council discussed the municipal secretary position at the detachment funded by grants from 5 municipalities in the area. Sgt. Gallant explained there are two federally funded positions paid by the province plus one municipal position. The Beaverlodge town office does the payroll.  The municipal position helps out with accident reports, criminal checks, and insurance reports. Other duties are as follow:
    -Completes all TSS collision reporting electronically (MVC)
    -Links all files to PROS for members so they don’t have to
    -Completes all the DV checks for the members
    -Adds all tickets written to PROS and forwards for the members
    -PROS record management
    -Adds/removes records from CPIC
    -Front counter – busy area, creates files, statements/statutory declarations/criminal record checks
    Sgt. Gallant felt it was an important position in terms of taking the work load off the Councillors.
    Sgt. Gallant left the meeting at 7:15pm

    Fire Chief Ed Woloszyn joined the meeting at 7:20pm
  2. Mr. Woloszyn presented the Annual Report for 2017

    124 medical first responses
    18   motor vehicle
    14   structural fires
    9     outdoor fires
    7     monitored alarms
    5     lift assists
    1     water rescue
    4     hazardous materials
    Totaling 191 calls, up from 2016 with 188 calls.  Of these calls, 128 were in Hythe, 2 in Horse Lake, 9 in Beaverlodge, and 52 in the County for Grande Prairie.
    Chief Woloszyn stated they have 18 members, but would like closer to 20.
    He noted the big expenditure in 2018 was new radios. $10,000 budgeted but was hoping to get additional community funding.
    Council asked about income tax deductions for firefighters.  Chief Woloszyn advised that the Village office produces a letter stating that the volunteer fireman each donate a specific amount of time to firefighting duties, and this letter will help get them the income tax deduction. He stated the County of Grande Prairie are very generous with funding.  The department gets additional funding from Albert Transportation for attending highway vehicle calls on Highway 43.
    Mr Woloszyn left the meeting at 7:33pm.

5. Meetings Attended: Council reviewed the meeting that they had attended from January 8, 2018 to January 22, 2018.
All Councillors attended the budget meeting Jan 15, 2018.
CEO attend meeting on Regional Handi-bus and intermunicipal plan start up.
Mayor Peterson reported from meeting with Décor Holdings regarding improvements at the Grand Marshall Hotel. Discussion regarding which big truck companies use the parking lot and seeking assistance in getting road repairs.  Names mentioned were Secure Energy and TriMac Trucking.

6. Correspondence

a) City for Grande Prairie -  ICF Framework

Staff invited to attend meeting with observer status.

b) Beaverlodge Curling Club sent a second letter regarding furniture from old Oakford Hardware Store, bidding $5.00/chair and $200.00 for old foosball table in basement.  

MOVED by Councillor Smith to accept the offer. CARRIED 01/18/15

c) AUMA -2018 membership, after review.
MOVED by Councillor Sipe to continue with 2018 membership. CARRIED 01/18/16
d) Alberta Farm Safety program at Hythe Regional School.  CEO will follow up.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to donate $100.00. CARRIED 01/18/17

7.  Other Business & Information:

a) CommNet -  arena alarm system – received for information.

b) ACP – New grant for renewal municipal development plan, since no matching of money was required felt it would be a good opportunity to review the plan.  A general municipal plan was passed in November 1991, but no update since.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to apply for ACP grant. CARRIED 01/18/18

c) GREP – received for information.
Reports by councilor visiting Pioneer Home, that some exercise equipment was worn out. Residence say equipment has reached it life cycle.  Mayor Peterson will look into this matter.

Council discussed assisting with firehall radios in 2018 budget.

CEO will look into the Sexsmith sand/sand pail program to be used by the public for use in public areas and sidewalks etc.

Council decided to invite Carolyn Nicolson and June Jenner to the next meeting to discuss any issues they are having.

Councilor Hewitt asked for the Office bulletin board be updated, and Council Report newsletter be posted on the web page.

8. Other matters (members’ business):
CAO distributed some additional items for report.

Council was updated on Handi bus feasibility study.
CAO and Travis Peterson will meet with Alberta Environment to discuss the water use reporting system.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go into Camera. CARRIED 01/18/19

9. In Camera:
   a) Arta Juneau – request for debris removal
   b) Memo re: public works
   c) Other public works issues

While in camera discussed personnel matters and review a letter requesting debris removal.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go back into open session.        CARRIED 01/18/20

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to send a letter to Arta Juneau denying her request to remove debris from West Peace Building Supply property.          CARRIED 01/18/21

10.  Adjournment
MOVED by Councillor Smith that the meeting be adjourned.          CARRIED 01/18/23

Time of adjournment was 9:53 p.m.

January 8, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson

        Councilors: Lyle Sipe
        Craig Hewitt
        Bill Guise
        Ed Smith

        CAO: Greg Gayton
        Brad Quarin – Town & Country News

1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

2. Minutes of the December 11, 2017 regular Council meeting.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the December 11, 2017 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 01/18/01

3. Business arising from the Minutes: No business arising from the minutes.

4. Representation:
a) Dalvin Napen – Hythe Pioneer Home – see below
b) Glenda Farnden – STARS – see below
c) Tom Schulz – CNRL (in camera) – see below

5. Meetings Attended: Council reviewed the meeting that they had attended from December 11, 2017 to January 8, 2018.
Councillor Sipe attended the Library Hamper draw.
Mayor Peterson attend the Hythe Pioneer Home Board meeting.
There was some discussion about the rental properties in the Glas house.
Councillor Guise did not have any meetings to report on, but requested that Public Works look at several trees on 101 Avenue and also a fire hydrant that might have been plowed in during the snow plowing.

6. Correspondence

a) Safety Code administration – County
The County of Grande Prairie had sent in a proposed agreement for Safety Codes Administration. This covered the County’s activities in providing building permits and other safety codes approvals for building and renovations projects in Hythe. Councillor Smith expressed concern about the cost of building permits for people doing new construction. He questioned the $85.00 per square foot calculation for the cost of building a basement as noted in the appendixes of the agreement.
Council was concerned about how some of the construction estimates were arrived at and if they are reviewed to compare them to actual cost.

Council also discussed the 10% rebate from the permit fees that are supposed to be rebated back to the municipality. There was some question about whether the percentage was consistent with Wembley, Sexsmith and Beaverlodge.
Mayor Peterson requested that staff look at other comparable municipalities and see where they are for building permit revenue.

MOVED by Councillor Smith to ask the County of Grande Prairie to provide representation to discuss the Safety Code Administration agreement at the next Council meeting. CARRIED 01/18/02

Council agreed to review the agreement again after the discussion with the County.

Dalvin Napen – CAO of the Hythe Pioneer Home joined the meeting at this time.
He gave Council a brief overview of the Hythe & District Pioneer Home Foundation and how that interrelates with the Hythe & District Pioneer Homes Advisory Committee. He noted that at 86 beds, Hythe has the largest seniors lodge in the South Peace area.
Mr. Napen also advised that the seniors self-contained units house 32 beds and the Pioneer Home also owns two – four-plex’s a total of eight units for affordable housing. Presently under construction is the Pioneer Place project, which will provide 48 units for people suffering from alzheimer's, dementia, or other similar ailments.
Mr. Napen advised that they had some discussion with the Grande Spirit Foundation. The conclusion of the discussion was that for the 2018 fiscal year, the Grande Spirit Foundation will contribute $50,000.00 to the Hythe Pioneer Home from the Grande Spirit Foundation Recreation Revenue.
Dalvin Napen then had a discussion with Council regarding the public access spaces of the Glashouse. He noted that a condition of the C-Fab grant monies that were received for this project was to provide some public access space and this should be determined by a community consultation.
Council was willing to give Pioneer Home some space on our Village news letter to reach out to the public and seek some consultation. CAO and Mr. Napen will work together on this project.
The Pioneer Home CAO noted that the rental properties at the Glashouse are very close to being available to rent. There are four, one bedroom homes on the lower level and one, two bedroom home on the main floor.
Dalvin Napen left the meeting at 6:29 p.m.

Glenda Farnden from STARS Foundation joined the meeting at 6:28 p.m.
Ms. Farnden is the Senior Municipal Relations Liaison for STARS in this area. Her presentation noted that Hythe has been a part of STARS Communities Grande Prairie area since 2009. The STARS facility in Grande Prairie has received many more calls per year than was forecast before it was established, so it has been a very busy base. There is one helicopter stationed at the base. Ninety percent of Municipality’s in Alberta are on board to provide a per capita contribution to STARS. The $2.00 per capita rate is the minimum requested. The average number of calls to Hythe in approximately six calls per year. Based on STARS direct service costing, this is a $40,000.00 value.
STARS is active in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The STARS base in Grande Prairie services parts of Northeast British Columbia and the Calgary base also extends its service to Southern British Columbia.
Ms. Farnden requested that the Village of Hythe make a four year commitment to STARS covering the calendar years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. She noted that she would be stopping by annually to give Council an up-date on what is happening with the service.
Glenda Farnden left the meeting at 6:57 p.m.

Tom Schulz, a land man from Canadian Natural Resources Limited joined the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

b) PTMAA – changes to Quality Management Plan
Council discussed a proposed change to the Quality Management Plan suggested by the PTMAA. This would simplify the administration of over ground and underground tanks in the Village of Hythe.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to approve the proposed memorandum of agreement provided by the Petroleum Tank Management Agency of Alberta. CARRIED 01/18/03

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into Camera with Tom Schulz from CRNL. CARRIED 01/18/04

Brad Quarin from the Town & Country News left the meeting at 7:09 p.m.

While in Camera, Council discussed a possible arrangement between CNRL and the Village of Hythe.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session. CARRIED 01/18/05

Tom Schulz left the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

c) Beaverlodge Detachment Clerk – agreement
Councillor Hewitt had concerns that the detachment was not able to provide any evidence as to whether or not this initiative was working according to the original expectation when the agreement was originally drafted. It was felt that we should meet with the detachment commander in Beaverlodge to discuss the matter further.
CAO advised that the Beaverlodge detachment does meet regularly with Council and we would have that on the agenda.
Council agreed to defer the agreement until discussions with the detachment commander.

d) Water North Coalition – Jan. 25 mtg.
CAO reviewed the structure of the Water North Coalition. They are meeting on January 25, 2018 in Beaverlodge and are requesting permittion for staff to attend.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to permit staff to attend the Water North Coalition meeting. CARRIED 01/18/06

e) Horse Lake First Nation – Water Treatment Plant
Horse Lake was planning a grand opening for their water system. The grand opening will be held at the Horse Lake First Nation Water Treatment Plant on April 11, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.
Councillor Guise and Mayor Peterson will attend the grand opening.

f) County of GP – ACP grant
Council received a letter from the County of Grande Prairie, requesting a motion of support for application under the Alberta Community Partnership grant program. They are looking for a coordinator/facilitator. To assist in their discussions with all the municipalities in the County area regarding their inter-municipal collaboration agreements.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that the Village of Hythe support the County of Grande Prairie’s application to the Alberta Community Partnership Grant Program Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework and Inter-municipal Collaboration Bylaw as required by the Province of Alberta within the modernized Municipal Government Act. CARRIED 01/18/07

7. Other Business & Information:

a) Changes to signing authority
CAO reported that the bank wanted more detail on the Village changing the signing authority. He advised Councillors to wait until the bank has the new signing authorities set up before they go down to the bank and sign their names.

MOVED by Councillor Guise that previous Mayor Gary Burgess be removed from the signing authority, and the following new signing authorities be enstated: Councillors, Lyle Sipe – Deputy Mayor, Ed Smith – Councillor, Bill Guise – Councillor. Staff, Greg Gayton – CAO and Cindy Lockhart – Asst. CAO/Accounting Clerk. All cheques require two signatures from the five people noted. One signature shall be from a staff member, and the other signature shall be from a Councillor. CARRIED 01/18/08

b) Policy 32-02 – exemption
This is a policy regarding the Village’s practices on lending out our gravel truck with driver at no charge to help out with the demolition of older buildings. The CAO noted that he had discussions with Blair Smith about tearing down a building. Because Mr. Smith was using smaller equipment, the requirement for a second truck on the project could be relaxed in this circumstance.
Council noted that they are quite supportive of the plan to demolish an older unsightly buildings.

Council encouraged staff to see if there was other assistance we could provide Mr. Smith with this project.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that Council approve a one-time exemption for this demolition project. CARRIED 01/18/09

c) Recreation Master Plan summary – received for information

d) Canada Infrastructure Plan grants – received for information

e) Councillor Orientation training
Council discussed doing a brief orientation at the budget meeting to meet some of the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. There was some discussion about what orientation was needed after following the George Cuff seminar.

f) Regional Hospital summary

Council received an up-date on the Regional Hospital project in Grande Prairie.

g) Committee Review
Council reviewed the Committee appointments and discussed the need for any changes or clarifications. CAO clarified the situation with the Hythe Pioneer Home alternate position.

h) Cheque listing – 0974 – 0992 – were reviewed and received for information.

8. Other matters (members’ business):
Councillor Guise had been talking to Murry Soucy regarding the rising water levels in Hythe. CAO gave Council some background on this matter. Councillor Guise requested that Mr. Soucy be invited to the next Council meeting on January 22, 2018. CAO will invite him.

Councillor Hewitt requested that staff find a way to document staff and equipment time regarding snow fall. CAO will look into that.
CAO was asked to follow up on the swimming pool project, to see if Renay Morgan has submitted letters to the Casino Funding Authorities.
CAO was asked to see if Holly Sorgan for Community Futures would provide a quote for facilitating a strategic plan discussion in January or February 2018.
Council was advised Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Management Committee was requesting the Village of Hythe provide an alternate appointment to Mayor Peterson on the GPREP elected officials board. Councillor Hewitt volunteered to be an alternate on that board.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into Camera. CARRIED 01/18/10

While in Camera Council discussed legal advice, regarding tax recovery, a land opportunity and issues with Teare Creek, regarding their former property.

9. In Camera:
a) Brownlee Law – tax recovery
b) Land opportunity
c) Teare Creek – (to be circulated at meeting)

Council came out of Camera at 10:36 p.m.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go back into open session. CARRIED 01/18/11

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to list the old Legion property, the old Oakford property and the Simpson Energy lands with a realtor. CARRIED 01/18/12

10. Adjournment
MOVED by Councillor Smith that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED 01/18/13

Time of adjournment was 10:38 p.m.