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2018 Minutes

January 8, 2018 

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson

        Councilors: Lyle Sipe
        Craig Hewitt
        Bill Guise
        Ed Smith

        CAO: Greg Gayton
        Brad Quarin – Town & Country News

1. Mayor Peterson called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

2. Minutes of the December 11, 2017 regular Council meeting.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe that the minutes of the December 11, 2017 regular Council meeting be approved as presented. CARRIED 01/18/01

3. Business arising from the Minutes: No business arising from the minutes.

4. Representation:
a) Dalvin Napen – Hythe Pioneer Home – see below
b) Glenda Farnden – STARS – see below
c) Tom Schulz – CNRL (in camera) – see below

5. Meetings Attended: Council reviewed the meeting that they had attended from December 11, 2017 to January 8, 2018.
Councillor Sipe attended the Library Hamper draw.
Mayor Peterson attend the Hythe Pioneer Home Board meeting.
There was some discussion about the rental properties in the Glas house.
Councillor Guise did not have any meetings to report on, but requested that Public Works look at several trees on 101 Avenue and also a fire hydrant that might have been plowed in during the snow plowing.

6. Correspondence

a) Safety Code administration – County
The County of Grande Prairie had sent in a proposed agreement for Safety Codes Administration. This covered the County’s activities in providing building permits and other safety codes approvals for building and renovations projects in Hythe. Councillor Smith expressed concern about the cost of building permits for people doing new construction. He questioned the $85.00 per square foot calculation for the cost of building a basement as noted in the appendixes of the agreement.
Council was concerned about how some of the construction estimates were arrived at and if they are reviewed to compare them to actual cost.

Council also discussed the 10% rebate from the permit fees that are supposed to be rebated back to the municipality. There was some question about whether the percentage was consistent with Wembley, Sexsmith and Beaverlodge.
Mayor Peterson requested that staff look at other comparable municipalities and see where they are for building permit revenue.

MOVED by Councillor Smith to ask the County of Grande Prairie to provide representation to discuss the Safety Code Administration agreement at the next Council meeting. CARRIED 01/18/02

Council agreed to review the agreement again after the discussion with the County.

Dalvin Napen – CAO of the Hythe Pioneer Home joined the meeting at this time.
He gave Council a brief overview of the Hythe & District Pioneer Home Foundation and how that interrelates with the Hythe & District Pioneer Homes Advisory Committee. He noted that at 86 beds, Hythe has the largest seniors lodge in the South Peace area.
Mr. Napen also advised that the seniors self-contained units house 32 beds and the Pioneer Home also owns two – four-plex’s a total of eight units for affordable housing. Presently under construction is the Pioneer Place project, which will provide 48 units for people suffering from alzheimer's, dementia, or other similar ailments.
Mr. Napen advised that they had some discussion with the Grande Spirit Foundation. The conclusion of the discussion was that for the 2018 fiscal year, the Grande Spirit Foundation will contribute $50,000.00 to the Hythe Pioneer Home from the Grande Spirit Foundation Recreation Revenue.
Dalvin Napen then had a discussion with Council regarding the public access spaces of the Glashouse. He noted that a condition of the C-Fab grant monies that were received for this project was to provide some public access space and this should be determined by a community consultation.
Council was willing to give Pioneer Home some space on our Village news letter to reach out to the public and seek some consultation. CAO and Mr. Napen will work together on this project.
The Pioneer Home CAO noted that the rental properties at the Glashouse are very close to being available to rent. There are four, one bedroom homes on the lower level and one, two bedroom home on the main floor.
Dalvin Napen left the meeting at 6:29 p.m.

Glenda Farnden from STARS Foundation joined the meeting at 6:28 p.m.
Ms. Farnden is the Senior Municipal Relations Liaison for STARS in this area. Her presentation noted that Hythe has been a part of STARS Communities Grande Prairie area since 2009. The STARS facility in Grande Prairie has received many more calls per year than was forecast before it was established, so it has been a very busy base. There is one helicopter stationed at the base. Ninety percent of Municipality’s in Alberta are on board to provide a per capita contribution to STARS. The $2.00 per capita rate is the minimum requested. The average number of calls to Hythe in approximately six calls per year. Based on STARS direct service costing, this is a $40,000.00 value.
STARS is active in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The STARS base in Grande Prairie services parts of Northeast British Columbia and the Calgary base also extends its service to Southern British Columbia.
Ms. Farnden requested that the Village of Hythe make a four year commitment to STARS covering the calendar years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. She noted that she would be stopping by annually to give Council an up-date on what is happening with the service.
Glenda Farnden left the meeting at 6:57 p.m.

Tom Schulz, a land man from Canadian Natural Resources Limited joined the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

b) PTMAA – changes to Quality Management Plan
Council discussed a proposed change to the Quality Management Plan suggested by the PTMAA. This would simplify the administration of over ground and underground tanks in the Village of Hythe.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to approve the proposed memorandum of agreement provided by the Petroleum Tank Management Agency of Alberta. CARRIED 01/18/03

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into Camera with Tom Schulz from CRNL. CARRIED 01/18/04

Brad Quarin from the Town & Country News left the meeting at 7:09 p.m.

While in Camera, Council discussed a possible arrangement between CNRL and the Village of Hythe.

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to go back into open session. CARRIED 01/18/05

Tom Schulz left the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

c) Beaverlodge Detachment Clerk – agreement
Councillor Hewitt had concerns that the detachment was not able to provide any evidence as to whether or not this initiative was working according to the original expectation when the agreement was originally drafted. It was felt that we should meet with the detachment commander in Beaverlodge to discuss the matter further.
CAO advised that the Beaverlodge detachment does meet regularly with Council and we would have that on the agenda.
Council agreed to defer the agreement until discussions with the detachment commander.

d) Water North Coalition – Jan. 25 mtg.
CAO reviewed the structure of the Water North Coalition. They are meeting on January 25, 2018 in Beaverlodge and are requesting permittion for staff to attend.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to permit staff to attend the Water North Coalition meeting. CARRIED 01/18/06

e) Horse Lake First Nation – Water Treatment Plant
Horse Lake was planning a grand opening for their water system. The grand opening will be held at the Horse Lake First Nation Water Treatment Plant on April 11, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.
Councillor Guise and Mayor Peterson will attend the grand opening.

f) County of GP – ACP grant
Council received a letter from the County of Grande Prairie, requesting a motion of support for application under the Alberta Community Partnership grant program. They are looking for a coordinator/facilitator. To assist in their discussions with all the municipalities in the County area regarding their inter-municipal collaboration agreements.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that the Village of Hythe support the County of Grande Prairie’s application to the Alberta Community Partnership Grant Program Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework and Inter-municipal Collaboration Bylaw as required by the Province of Alberta within the modernized Municipal Government Act. CARRIED 01/18/07

7. Other Business & Information:

a) Changes to signing authority
CAO reported that the bank wanted more detail on the Village changing the signing authority. He advised Councillors to wait until the bank has the new signing authorities set up before they go down to the bank and sign their names.

MOVED by Councillor Guise that previous Mayor Gary Burgess be removed from the signing authority, and the following new signing authorities be enstated: Councillors, Lyle Sipe – Deputy Mayor, Ed Smith – Councillor, Bill Guise – Councillor. Staff, Greg Gayton – CAO and Cindy Lockhart – Asst. CAO/Accounting Clerk. All cheques require two signatures from the five people noted. One signature shall be from a staff member, and the other signature shall be from a Councillor. CARRIED 01/18/08

b) Policy 32-02 – exemption
This is a policy regarding the Village’s practices on lending out our gravel truck with driver at no charge to help out with the demolition of older buildings. The CAO noted that he had discussions with Blair Smith about tearing down a building. Because Mr. Smith was using smaller equipment, the requirement for a second truck on the project could be relaxed in this circumstance.
Council noted that they are quite supportive of the plan to demolish an older unsightly buildings.

Council encouraged staff to see if there was other assistance we could provide Mr. Smith with this project.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that Council approve a one-time exemption for this demolition project. CARRIED 01/18/09

c) Recreation Master Plan summary – received for information

d) Canada Infrastructure Plan grants – received for information

e) Councillor Orientation training
Council discussed doing a brief orientation at the budget meeting to meet some of the requirements of the Municipal Government Act. There was some discussion about what orientation was needed after following the George Cuff seminar.

f) Regional Hospital summary

Council received an up-date on the Regional Hospital project in Grande Prairie.

g) Committee Review
Council reviewed the Committee appointments and discussed the need for any changes or clarifications. CAO clarified the situation with the Hythe Pioneer Home alternate position.

h) Cheque listing – 0974 – 0992 – were reviewed and received for information.

8. Other matters (members’ business):
Councillor Guise had been talking to Murry Soucy regarding the rising water levels in Hythe. CAO gave Council some background on this matter. Councillor Guise requested that Mr. Soucy be invited to the next Council meeting on January 22, 2018. CAO will invite him.

Councillor Hewitt requested that staff find a way to document staff and equipment time regarding snow fall. CAO will look into that.
CAO was asked to follow up on the swimming pool project, to see if Renay Morgan has submitted letters to the Casino Funding Authorities.
CAO was asked to see if Holly Sorgan for Community Futures would provide a quote for facilitating a strategic plan discussion in January or February 2018.
Council was advised Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Management Committee was requesting the Village of Hythe provide an alternate appointment to Mayor Peterson on the GPREP elected officials board. Councillor Hewitt volunteered to be an alternate on that board.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go into Camera. CARRIED 01/18/10

While in Camera Council discussed legal advice, regarding tax recovery, a land opportunity and issues with Teare Creek, regarding their former property.

9. In Camera:
a) Brownlee Law – tax recovery
b) Land opportunity
c) Teare Creek – (to be circulated at meeting)

Council came out of Camera at 10:36 p.m.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to go back into open session. CARRIED 01/18/11

MOVED by Councillor Sipe to list the old Legion property, the old Oakford property and the Simpson Energy lands with a realtor. CARRIED 01/18/12

10. Adjournment
MOVED by Councillor Smith that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED 01/18/13

Time of adjournment was 10:38 p.m.