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2019 Minutes

February 19, 2019


Present: Mayor Brian Peterson

Deputy Mayor Craig Hewitt

Councillors: Sandra Miller, Bill Guise, Ed Smith

CAO: Greg Gayton Recording Secretary: Tina Tollefson

1. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Brian Peterson at 4:56 p.m.

2. MOVED by Mayor Peterson to adopt the Agenda as amended      CARRIED 02/19/40.

3. Minutes of the February 4, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

MOVED by Councillor Miller that the minutes of the February 4, 2019 Regular Council Meeting be approved as presented.      CARRIED 02/19/41

4. Business Arising from the Minutes of February 4, 2019

Councillor Hewitt inquired about an MSI grant for the proposed work to be done by Culligan on the pump house. CAO Gayton confirmed he is looking into this.

5. Representation

a. Dave Gallant and Colin Thorne arrived at 5:30 p.m. to speak with council about the yearly crime statistics comparisons over a four-year period. Crime has gone down substantially in 2018 with Hythe having a low call volume compared to the County and surrounding towns. Theft is still a main concern for all areas. Mr. Gallant and Mr. Thorne left the meeting at 5:57 p.m.

b. Carley Friesen joined the meeting at 5:58 p.m. She had just returned from a meeting in Grande Prairie where the CARES grants recipients were announced. The Village of Hythe was awarded a grant for the Fibre Optic project and Carley was able to make a presentation on this project at the meeting. Ms. Friesen presented to council on the status of the Intermunicipal Development Plan. The arena survey was a success and Carley has been able to collect some very useful information. The full report will be emailed to all council members. Ms. Friesen met with Gary Chen, Heritage Conservation Advisor for Alberta Culture and Tourism, at the Hythe Memorial Arena with regards to the arena being a historical site. Mr. Chen took photos to present to the Heritage Resources committee. We are awaiting their response. Ms. Friesen left the meeting at 6:37 p.m.

c. Greg Longson, Public Works Supervisor joined the meeting at 6:45 p.m. and provided a report for council. Expenditures were reviewed by council. Mr. Longson reported that Alberta Transportation had installed a new culvert on highway 721 near the Willowgrove subdivision. Mr. Longson had three complaints with regards to Public Works equipment operation and these have been dealt with. Also, there was discussion regarding an issue of a resident acting abusively towards a Public Works employee.

6. Meetings Attended

Councillors Miller and Guise attended a meeting with the Community Center Board. It was decided that the Village of Hythe will continue to do the snow clearing on the sidewalk and two entrances. Also, the Community Center is in need of some more board members.

Councillor Hewitt attended a community futures meeting.

CAO Greg Gayton attended the following meetings:

February 6th – intermunicipal development plan at the County Office

February 6th – meeting with County enforcement

February 7th – phone meeting with TSI to discuss ICF

February 7th – meeting with Community Centre Board

February 14th – meeting with Bill Rogan, County Administrator

February 14th – meeting with the Mayor regarding asset management plan

7. Correspondence

a) Volunteer Services – Leaders of Tomorrow, presented as information

b) Peace Library System – Plan of Service. Presented as information.

8. Other Business and Information

a. Enforcement Services Report for January. Council reviewed the report as

presented. It is reported that County Enforcement has thoroughly reviewed the proposed Village of Hythe bylaw #541. They were willing to change their schedule to deal with serious complaints.

b. Arena Financial Statements. The financial statements were reviewed by

Council. A discrepancy with regards to property owned by the Hythe Athletic Association will be addressed and corrected. Also, Council would like a report of exactly how much money the Village of Hythe has paid on behalf of the arena, and how much money has been received by grants.

c. ISL Groundwater Report. A full report will be emailed to council and

discussed at a later date. Alberta Environment should be involved in the discussion.

d. Library Operating Expenditures. Council reviewed a summary of the

Village’s direct and indirect costs for operating the Hythe Library. The Library will continue to work on their budget for 2019.

e. FCSS Act and Regulation. Information was presented regarding the

Alberta FCSS program. Council discussed the staff memo and decided to have a further discussion in camera.

f. ISL Planning, Steering Committee Notes. Provided as information.

g. Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework. CAO Gayton reviewed section 708 of the Municipal Government Act with Council.

h. Arena parking lot rental. Council discussed the status of the privately- owned lots across from the arena. These are sometimes used for parking. Public Works has refrained from clearing snow on these lots this winter.

i. Cheque summary – 20180938 – 20190131. Council received the cheque summary for this period. The CAO will provide Council with information concerning several invoices.

9.  Other matters/CAO Report

Mayor Peterson has been in touch with the Race Track committee. They have planned a meeting to discuss ideas for the upcoming season.

CAO Report -Construction at the Village office is going well. We are unable to access some of our paper files as they are packed away until completion.

The request for proposals for the Occupational Safety Training has been circulated and put on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC).

We continue to work on Bylaw #541, the Community Standards bylaw.

At the administrative meeting on February 6th for the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework it was noted that we are switching from the ‘grid system’ for discussing agreements, to a different mechanism. We will be making amendments directly to a draft ICF agreement.

Barry Evaskevich has evaluated his future bookings and has set a tentative date of March 9th to close the arena for the season.

We have done some polling on the Facebook page and the vast majority seem fine with the change in residential garbage pickup from Friday to Thursday. Residents will be notified on line and with a flyer in the mail.

MOVED by Councillor Miller to change the residential garbage pickup day to Thursday. CARRIED 02/19/42

10. In Camera

MOVED by Councillor Miller to move In-Camera at 8:23 p.m.     CARRIED 02/19/43

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to move out-of-Camera 9:30 p.m.     CARRIED 02/19/44

Public Works supervisor, Greg Longson’s probation period has expired.

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt that Greg Longson be put on permanent staff.   CARRIED 02/19/45

MOVED by Councillor Miller that the community center by given one month’s notice that we will be vacating the FCSS office in the building. CARRIED 02/19/46

MOVED by Councillor Smith to approve changes to the FCSS operations as discussed. CARRIED 02/19/47

11. MOVED by Councillor Miller to adjourn the meeting. CARRIED 02/19/48

Time of adjournment was 9:37 p.m.

FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Present: Mayor Brian Peterson
Deputy Mayor Craig Hewitt
Councillors: Sandra Miller

Bill Guise

CAO: Greg Gayton Assistant

CAO: Leona Hanson

Recording Secretary: Tina Tollefson

Regrets: Councillor Ed Smith

1. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Brian Peterson at 5:00 p.m.

2. MOVED by Councillor Miller to adopt the Agenda as presented.     CARRIED 02/19/23

3. Minutes of the January 21, 2019 Regular Council Meeting
MOVED by Councillor Miller that the minutes of the January 21, 2019 Regular Council Meeting be approved as presented.     CARRIED 02/19/24

4. Business Arising from the Minutes of January 21, 2019
As per communication received from council, CAO Gayton confirmed that items have been followed up on as noted: a letter sent to the Pioneer Home Board and Mr. and Mrs. Knapcik.  Admin will be gathering more data for water and sewer rates comparisons.

5. Delegation/s

a) Green for Life (GFL) – David Craig, Residential Waste Disposal. Mr. Craig arrived at 5:00 p.m. to suggest to council that the garbage day for the Village of Hythe be moved from Friday to Thursday. He strongly feels that GFL can more efficiently and effectively serve the community by switching the day to Thursday. Council agreed and will ask the Village residents for their input before making this change. David left the meeting at 5:14 p.m.

6. Staff Reports

a) Greg Longson, Public Works Supervisor joined the meeting at 5:57 p.m. and provided a monthly report for Council review. The flooring repair at the arena, the new County Connector bus route, and the repairs to the lift station and pump house were the matters discussed. A new proposal from Culligan was received on Monday. Mr. Longson left the meeting at 6:32 p.m.

b) Community Development Officer, Carley Friesen arrived to the meeting at 6:33 p.m. and discussed with Council her report. Carley has been working on several projects including the County Connector bus route to the Village of Hythe, the Arena survey, and the strategic plan. Carley has been exploring options and feasibility of a spray park within the Village. She will be meeting with Mr. Chan from Alberta Culture to assess Heritage assets within Hythe, specifically with regards to the arena. Ms. Friesen left the meeting at 6:58 p.m.

c) Administration, Greg Gayton and Leona Hanson jointly presented their CAO report to council.

- Disaster Recovery Program submission submitted – additional funding for use of fire truck on Highway #721 (4.0 hours)

-2018 Local Authorities Pension information submitted by Jan 31st deadline

-Lane Flaten supplied us names of the hockey registrars in Hythe and Beaverlodge (for data collection)

-Reviewing John Simpson’s comments on the IMDP’s

-agree with the observations regarding drainage matters

-Library operating cost summary completed -RCMP Detachment commander Dave Gallant to be invited to next meeting

-Power and gas rates. We were able to get 59-month contracts for power and gas at 48.46 per MWH (lower than the $49.14 quoted at the meeting) and 2.01 per gigajoule for gas (higher than the $1.98 quoted at the meeting). We purchase a lot more power than gas, so that worked to our advantage. Plus, we got an extra year on the power contract. -Leona connected with the staff members (group and individual) as an introduction and to learn about their position and looking forward.

-Followed up with Ryan Konowalyk Alberta Transportation regarding the 5 mile Culvert as well as the twinning route. Awaiting a reply.

7. Meetings Attended

Councillor Guise, Councillor Hewitt, Councillor Miller and Mayor Peterson attended the Strategic Plan meeting.

CAO Gayton and Hanson

January 22 – meeting with Northgate regarding lift station

January 24 – Disaster Recovery meeting with three government staff

January 25 – met with Patrick Coppens from Prairie Disposal

January 28 – Dana Lockhart was in to discuss office renovations

January 29 – Strategic Plan session

January 29 – Meeting with Fire Chief regarding false alarms

8. Project and Business Updates

a. Intermunicipal Development Plan. Council discussed the present position of the Village of Hythe, and the upcoming discussions with the County.

9. New Business

a. Code of Conduct Bylaw. This Bylaw was reviewed by Council

MOVED Councillor Guise to give Bylaw #542 the first reading      CARRIED 02/19/25

MOVED Councillor Hewitt to give Bylaw #542 the second reading     CARRIED 02/19/26

MOVED Mayor Peterson to consider third reading of Bylaw #542 at this meeting      CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY   02/19/27

MOVED Councillor Miller to give Bylaw #542 the third and final reading      CARRIED 02/19/28

b. Council Absence Request for Decision. A staff memo was circulated regarding section 174 of the Municipal Government Act. Councillor Smith has been on an extended vacation since the December 10, 2018 Council meeting.

MOVED Mayor Peterson to approve the extended absence of Councillor Ed Smith CARRIED 02/19/29

10. Other Business & Information

a. Hythe Fire Department, false alarms report and bylaw. Council discussed the number of alarms received by the Hythe Fire Department and the rates charged for false alarms.

MOVED by Mayor Peterson that the first false alarm be free of charge, the second false alarm will be $250 and more than two false alarms will be $500 each. The Hythe Fire Department can waive a fee due to special circumstances.    CARRIED 02/19/30

Staff will draft a bylaw amendment to reflect the new charges.

MOVED by Councillor Miller that the bylaw regarding fire alarms be updated      CARRIED 02/19/31

b. Beaverlodge RCMP Detachment – Crime Statistics January – December 2018

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to adopt this as information CARRIED 02/19/32

c. Alberta Municipal Affairs – Community Partnership Program

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to adopt this as information CARRIED 02/19/33

11. Correspondence

a. Hythe and District Pioneer Homes Advisory Committee – Fundraiser

MOVED by Mayor Peterson to adopt this as information CARRIED 02/19/34

12. Council Round Table

Councillor Guise inquired about the CNRL contract with regards to road allowance fees. CAO Gayton advised that the Village has been compensated for legal fees. He has also mentioned concern over garbage bins being left out well after garbage pick up and the complications of snow removal due to this. Councillor Guise asked about the upgrades to the campground. CAO Gayton has advised that these will be discussed as part of the prioritization of capital projects.

Deputy Mayor Hewitt talked about the various societies within the Village and how to best address the needs of these organizations, specifically with regards to accessing funds for operations.

13. In Camera

MOVED by Councillor Miller to move In-Camera at 8:00 p.m.      CARRIED 02/19/35

MOVED by Councillor Miller to move out-of-Camera 8:40 p.m.      CARRIED 02/19/36

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to enter to agreement for services from consultant John Simpson to assist with the IDP process.      CARRIED 02/19/37

While in camera council had discussed an arrangement with Culligan regarding an upgrade to well house One.

MOVED by Councillor Hewitt to approve and expenditure of up to $130,000 pending grant approval under the MSI capital program.      CARRIED 02/19/38

14. Adjournment

MOVED by Mayor Peterson adjourn the meeting.      CARRIED 02/19/39  

Time of adjournment was 8:44 p.m.

JANUARY 21, 2019


Deputy Mayor Craig Hewitt

Councillors: Sandra Miller

Bill Guise

CAO: Greg Gayton

Assistant CAO: Leona Hanson

Regrets: Mayor Brian Peterson

Councillor Ed Smith

  1. The meeting was called to order by Deputy Mayor Hewitt at 5:50 PM.  
    MOVED by Councillor Miller to adopt the Agenda with the following additions:     7 (g) Library Board Appointment. CARRIED 01/19/09

  1. Minutes of the January 7, 2019 Regular Council Meeting

    MOVED by Councillor Guise that the minutes of the January 7, 2019 Regular Council Meeting be approved as presented.     CARRIED 01/19/10

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes of January 7, 2019
    Councillor Miller inquired about posting community events on the Village’s website and Facebook page.  She was encouraged to provide information to the office for sharing with the Community.

As per communication received from Mayor Peterson, CAO Gayton confirmed that items have been followed up on as noted: Enforcement Services meeting being planned with the County of Grande Prairie, request made to the Fire Chief for a report on false alarms, correspondence sent to property owner.

  1. Representation

    1. Cindy Lockhart, Municipal Accounting Clerk, provided interim financial statements to December 31, 2018 for Councils review (attachment). Clarification was provided on capital items pending. Conversion of the data within Muniware is continuing with good progress made to date. Staff are meeting in the coming week to discuss the capital projects, review GL categories, and alignment of areas of business for presentation of the financial information for Council. Further discussion with the Village’s Auditors will form part of the presentation of information to ensure the Village is meeting the requirements of reporting to multiple parties (e.g.., Council, Municipal Affairs, Canada Revenue Agency etc.).

    2. Barry Evaskevich, Arena Manager, was not available to attend. CAO Gayton provided an update from the meeting Administration held with the Arena Manager earlier in the day. Of specific note is the condition of the arena floor polisher that requires new batteries with an estimated cost of $800 per battery. Although the cost for the batteries is high replacement was deemed the favorable option versus the alternative to replace the polisher at an estimated cost of $9,000.

    3. Teresa Boudreault, FCSS Coordinator, provided an annual (2018) FCSS Report for Council’s information (attachment). Council raised questions regarding services being provided to residents outside of the immediate community service area (e.g., tax preparation to GP residents). Council requested that tracking of the type and residency for services being provided by FCSS be expanded. (Administration will work with Staff to develop a broader tracking template to be used by FCSS and the other business areas of the Village.) In addition, Council requested stats from FCSS for a comparison of year to year service delivery numbers (2016, 2017, 2018). It was shared that other service organizations are available at the Community Centre facility including Parent Link (Tuesdays) and Baby’s Best Start (every second week). Council requested more information on the Play Castle program including stats (2017, 2018) to allow for a review of the program. As the FCSS Coordinator sits on the Board of the Community Centre where the FCSS Office is currently located, Council asked for an update to the letter Council sent to the Community Centre Board regarding snow removal and grounds maintenance (including mowing). Public Works will provide information regarding the grounds maintenance the Village provided for the Community Centre in the last year and Village representatives will meet with the Community Centre Board. For information, the FCSS Coordinator shared that the Community Centre Board meets on the 1st Thursday of the month and invited Council to attend a future meeting of the Board. Information was also shared that the Hythe Community Centre Society received grant funding to repair the roof. Council inquired to how the project would be managed and encouraged the Board to enlist appropriate project management and oversight on the project.

    4. Greg Longson, Public Works Manager, provided an activity report for Council review (attachment). Details on three projects were reviewed with Council:

      1. Water House Upgrade – Culligan has confirmed it will submit a written estimate of the revised cost on the project by January 25, 2019.

      2. Lift Station Upgrade – With the ongoing operational issues and costs associated with repairs Public Works presented a Lift Station Upgrade Quote from Northgate Electric for Council consideration.

MOVED by Deputy Mayor Hewitt to approve the Lift Station Upgrade as presented with an upper end cost of $30,800.00 and apply to  (1) Municipal Water Wastewater Partnership Fund and/or (2) MSI Capital (2019) as the source of funds for the project. CARRIED 01/19/11

  1. County Connector – Bus route and progress update. PW Supervisor will put benches at bus stops. Public Works/Administration will research costs/options for benches/shelters and bring back to Council for consideration, possibly in Grande Prairie they have used bus stops.

  1. Meeting Attended

Councillor Miller - Library Board Meeting - January 16

The Library received a $5,000 grant from Trans Canada Pipe. Councillor Miller will provide contact information and a thank you can be included in the next Village Newsletter. Administration will provide to the Library Manager: a summary of the in-kind contributions made to the Library and a formatting template to assist with preparing the annual operating budget for presentation back to Council.

Deputy Mayor Hewitt – Community Futures Strategic Planning – January 17

– County of Grande Prairie Meeting –

CAO Gayton – Meetings attended:

January 8th – Strategic Planning meeting

January 9th – Intermunicipal Collaboration meeting – County Office

January 15th – meeting with the pw staff – had them sign up for Small Communities Water Course

January 16th – Carley/Greg/Leona – reviewed some material from Strategic Plan

January 17th - FCSS budget meeting with Theresa Boudreault

January 18th – Coree Ladwig gave all the staff a briefing regarding transit

January 18th – Dana Lockhart came in to look at renovations

    1. Correspondence

      1. Spencer and Alyssa Knapcik – Old Hythe Pool

    Council was appreciative of the interest and ideas shared in the letter received.

    MOVED by Deputy Mayor Craig Hewitt to send a letter thanking the Knapciks and share with them that Council is looking at various options for the old Hythe Pool structure and will include their ideas in the review as they reach out to the community CARRIED 01/19/12

      1. AUMA Annual Membership Renewal

    MOVED by Councillor Guise to renew the AUMA Annual Membership CARRIED 01/19/13

      1. Minister’s Excellence Award Council expressed their interest in learning more about the types of projects that have been presented in the past. Staff will research this on the website.

    MOVED by Councillor Miller to accept for information.       CARRIED 01/19/12

    1. Other Business & Information

      1. Public Participation Policies
        Staff circulated some information on public participation policies, including samples from Mannville and Swan Hills.

        MOVED by Deputy Mayor Hewitt to send the policy back to Administration for amendment to reflect the importance of communication, involvement, and the encouragement of participation with the community.       CARRIED 01/19/13

      1. Water and Sewer Rates Survey
        Council reviewed the comparative information provided by Administration in preparation for setting the annual budget. Recognizing the need to cover costs associated with the delivery of water and sewer, as well as remaining affordable and comparable are all factors in reviewing the utility rates.

        MOVED by Deputy Mayor Hewitt to direct Administration to obtain additional comparative and usage data for presentation back to Council.       CARRIED 01/19/14

      1. Office Renovations
        Administration provided an overview of the need for dedicated office space for improved functionality and privacy. The design for the office renovation project was presented and Council provided additional insight.

        MOVED by Councillor Guise to approve the office renovation and award the project to TNT Construction with a maximum overall cost of $30,000. CARRIED 01/19/15

      1. Curling Club – Insurance
        Council raised concern around the rising cost of insurance.

    MOVED by Deputy Mayor Hewitt for Administration to seek quotes for the insurance through the Village’s AUMA provider for future review.      CARRIED 01/19/16

      1. Carley Friesen – Report
        Council received the report for information and encouraged that the use of ice at the arena would continue to be pushed on a regional basis to use times open/available.

      1. Delegation Format for Council Meetings
        Council provided additional information regarding meeting/delegate format and asked Administration to draft the next meeting for flow.

  1. Other Matters (Council Members’ Business)/CAO Report

Councillor Miller raised the topic of the process and requirements for potential member participation on Council appointed committees and boards. The ability to recruit and encouraging community members to be involved within a process was notably of high importance.

MOVED by Councillor Miller to direct Administration to research policies and procedures for recruiting/appointing members to Council appointed committees and boards and to report back Council.     CARRIED 01/19/18

Deputy Mayor Hewitt requested a presentation regarding unsightly premises notices and fines and costs recovery be held.

Councillor Guise raised a concern with snow and ice removal (lack thereof) provided to resident homes under the care of the Pioneer Home. Supporting information on the ‘Snow Removal Process’ and a resident’s letter were provided. As a result of the situation residents expressed concern for their safety as some were unable to leave their homes for several days and had limited to no access to exit the back door of their homes.

MOVED by Councillor Guise to send a letter of concern to the Pioneer Board regarding the snow removal (and ice) and express the importance of respect and care by ensuring a safe and secure living environment is maintained.    CARRIED 01/19/19

  1. MOVED by Deputy Mayor Hewitt to move In-Camera.      CARRIED 01/19/20

  2. MOVED by Deputy Mayor Hewitt to move out-of-Camera.      CARRIED 01/19/21

  3. MOVED by Councillor Guise adjourn the meeting.      CARRIED 01/19/22

Time of adjournment was 10:07 p.m.

JANUARY 9, 2019


Mayor Brian Peterson

Deputy Mayor Craig Hewitt

Councilors:  Sandra Miller

           Bill Guise

CAO: Greg Gayton

Recording Secretary: Tina Tollefson

  1. The meeting was called to order by Deputy Mayor Hewitt at 5:03 p.m.  

MOVED by Councilor Miller to adopt the agenda as amended.     CARRIED 01/19/01

2. Minutes of the December 10, 2018 regular Council meeting

MOVED by Councilor Hewitt that the minutes of December 10, 2018 regular Council meeting be approved.     CARRIED 01/19/02

3. Business arising from minutes:

Mayor Peterson inquired about having a meeting with Enforcement Services.  Also, he has asked about the water system upgrade and staff training. Currently, we are waiting on prices for the well house one upgrade.  It was discussed to offer training to our public works staff to expand their knowledge and abilities with the small communities’ certification. Councilor Hewitt inquired about the library board budget and funding. Also, Council talked about being able to have an online survey for the arena for feedback.

4.  Representation:

  1. Arena manager Barry Evaskevich came to the meeting at 5:10 p.m. to give a report on the Hythe Arena.  He is currently getting several prices on a couple different flooring options. Barry reviewed future maintenance and repairs, and the estimated costs of these.  Currently the arena is being well used, and the skate sharpener is being utilized by many outside the community. The fire system has been tested and serviced, the furnace room was painted, and much cleaning has been done.  Barry left the meeting at 5:32 p.m.

Mayor Peterson arrived at the meeting at 5:37 p.m.

  1. Fire Chief Landon Reimer and Deputy Chief Matthew Fisher came to the meeting at 5:47 p.m. to give a report regarding the Hythe Fire Department.  False alarm calls are an issue and Landon discussed billing for these call outs. Landon will be emailing the municipal office the dispatch information regarding false alarm calls.  Replacement of the breathing apparatus’ is being considered. Landon Reimer and Matthew Fisher left the meeting at 6:15 p.m.

  1. Greg Longson came in to the Council meeting at 6:20 p.m.  He gave Council the public works report and expenses. Council reviewed Greg Longson’s comments regarding the long-term plan and the strategic plan.  Some of the topics covered were the upgrades for both well houses and the sewer lift station, a proposed 2019 budget, and projects for the summer that will be a priority.  Greg Longson left the meeting at 6:46 p.m.

  1. Carley Friesen arrived at 6:51 p.m. to give her report to Council.  Carley discussed a federal grant that would be worth investigating for the use of certain buildings in the community.  Carley is working on getting quotes for a new website for the Village of Hythe, and perhaps designing a new logo. Also, she has researched options for a spray park. Carley Friesen left the meeting at 7:06 p.m.

  1. Rod Pittman and Eva Chatelain arrived to meet with Council at 7:06 p.m. regarding the tax sale of Mr. Pittman’s property in the Village of Hythe.  They are currently working on repairs to the residence. Once it is properly repaired council has agreed to work with Mr. Pittman on a payment plan for the tax arrears.  A letter will be sent to Mr. Pittman to confirm these arrangements. Rod Pittman and Eva Chatelain left the meeting at 7:18 p.m.

5. Meetings Attended:

Councilor Hewitt and Mayor Peterson attended an INC, Intermunicipal Negotiating Committee, meeting on December 12, 2018.

CAO Gayton attended the following meetings:

-  December 11 meeting with Carley Friesen and Dave McRae at ISL  regarding Intermunicipal Development Plan

-  December 12 Tourism Association Tour with Ed Smith

-  December 12 INC Negotiating Committee

-  December 13 weed control grant application with Greg Longson

-  December 13 GPREP Planning and Coordinating committee

-  December 27 meeting with Greg Longson and Taylor Rudrum regarding the water contract

-  January 7th Rural Heroes Health Care award at the Continuing Care Center

6.  Correspondence:

a)  Community Foundation – January 25 meeting.  Council suggested asking Carley Friesen to attend this meeting.

b)  Emergency Management Regulation, provided as information

c)  Audit Proposals.  Council reviewed the quotes that were submitted for the Village of Hythe’s audit services.  Proposals were received from MNP and Fletcher Mudryk LLP. Council discussed the merits of both proposals.

MOVED by Councilor Guise to award the audit contract to MNP for a three year term. CARRIED 01/19/03

d) Community Center roof – CFEP grant, for information.  Council was advised that the community center was awarded a Community Facility Enforcement Grant for roof repair in the amount of $125,000.

7.  Other Business & Information:

a)  Carley Friesen, report.  See Representation 4.4

b)  Office layout options.  Council had decided to defer these discussions to a later meeting.

c)  ICF meeting summary

d)  Peace Officers report for December.  Council reviewed the report and commented that the priorities for the Village of Hythe need to be updated.  The anticipated meeting with Enforcement Services will be sometime during January.

e)  Fuel comparisons.  A spreadsheet detailing fuel costs and expenditures was discussed.  

f)  2018 Financial data.  Council reviewed operating and capital costs, as well as the budget and financial statements.  There are still some issues with the Muniware format. Council reviewed costs for the arena to year end 2018.

g)  Power and gas contracts.  Council discussed the rates presented for power and gas from AUMA.

MOVED by Councilor Guise to sign a four-year contract for electricity. CARRIED 01/19/04

MOVED by Councilor Miller to sign a contract for natural gas based on the consultation obtained by Councilor Hewitt and the subsequent discussions among councilors. CARRIED 01/19/05

8. Members Business

CAO Report: Verbal

CAO Gayton reported on the following:

  • Spent time in December sorting through financial numbers; and getting a handle on arena costs.

  • Contract prepared and reviewed for new CAO

  • Did the Christmas tree lights judging

  • Renewals for monthly tax installments were sent out.  Staff collect the 2018 year-end balances, and set up new installment amounts.

  • Theresa Boudreault will be back Monday and Thursdays now.

Mayor Peterson mentioned that we should consider updating the Village of Hythe logo.  He would like to see some more work done for our parade and especially the float we currently have.  He also noted that we should make sure the Race Track is mentioned in our tourism information, and in our INC Committee meetings.  

Councilor Hewitt brought up spray park options and library issues.

9.  In camera

MOVED by Councilor Guise to go in camera at 9:15 p.m.         CARRIED 01/19/06

While in camera Council discussed personnel matters.

MOVED by Councilor Miller to go out of camera                        CARRIED 01/19/07

MOVED by Councilor Miller to adjourn the meeting                   CARRIED 01/19/08


Time of adjournment was 10:18 p.m.