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  Village of Hythe - Budget 2020

Council Approves a Zero% Mill Rate Increase for 2020 - Apriol 14, 2020

The annual operating budget for 2020 totals $1,971,785. In addition, capital expenditures are budgeted for $1,853,000. Specific projects identified within the Capital Budget include: Roads & Streets Improvements, Fiber Optics, Facility Upgrade, Water and Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades, and Other Parks and Works Upgrades. 

Given multiple economic factors, the Village Council’s goal going into the 2020 budget process was to keep the municipal mill rates at the same level in 2020 (zero% increase). Maintaining the current municipal tax rate, with no increase (zero%) to the residential and non- residential mill rate in 2020, was a difficult task due to the financial challenges faced by the municipality. As examples, further decreases in operating funding from the Province’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative, added charges under the new Police Funding Model, and increases in operating expenses due to aging infrastructure and regulatory requirements added cost factors. As a result, Village Council was faced with another difficult budget year. 

Through the process of months of budget deliberations Council came forward and approved the 2020 operational budget with no increase to the municipal mill rate. Mayor Peterson reflects on how the zero% was achieved, stating that, “we’re operating a fairly barebones budget and had to decrease spending even further to balance this budget. Even with cutting back in multiple areas including wage costs. Council also had to make the tough decision to allocate $84,890 from limited reserve funds in order to cover operating costs.” As a result of Council’s determination, the Village of Hythe’s residential mill rate will remain at 8.2391 and the non-residential mill rate will remain at 18.1272 for 2020. 

Providing a level of assurance in times of constraint, Mayor Peterson indicated that, “Council remains committed to building on the vibrancy of our community. We will remain focused on ongoing community development, enhanced servicing, and revitalizing the Village.”

Village of Hythe Contact: Mayor Brian Peterson, Cell: 780.228.0034

Release: 2019 Village of Hythe Budget
May 15, 2019

Village of Hythe Council approved the 2019 Operating and Capital Budgets on May 13, 2019.

The annual Operating Budget for 2019 totals $1,846,288. In addition to the operating requirements for 2019 capital expenditures are budgeted for $769,953. Specific projects identified within the Capital Budget include: Phase 5 Sewer Manhole & Relining, Lift (sewer) Station Upgrade, Administration Building Reno & Roof Repair, Street Improvements, Well Plant Upgrade, and Equipment.

As shown on Note 12 of the 2018 financial statement, the Village used $196,078 of the municipality's accumulated surplus in 2018, largely due to unbudgeted costs. In this respect, and through the budget deliberations Council and Staff have tried to align the 2019 budget to meet the direction of Council's strategic objectives for this fiscal year. A smaller reserve transfer of $10,047 is allocated in the 2019 budget to meet this target.

When last year's budget was approved on April 23, 2018, the modified activities and direction of the public works department and support to the arena were unknown and therefore fell outside of allocated costs. The impacts realized have been noticeable in both areas and have resulted in positive outcomes for the community. With an active and progressive direction, the increased budget allowance in Public Works is required.

In reviewing arena operations, the budget reflects a reduced contribution to only $25,000 in operational funding. At the time of budget, the costs for arena operations are unconfirmed pending working with the Athletic Association to determine an operating model going forward. The Village will be working with the various parties including the County of Grande Prairie to secure long-term financial cost-sharing to meet operation and capital needs for the facility.

The Village's budget remains constricted. Council has worked hard to lower the net effect of a needed tax increase by drawing upon two funding sources: $10,047 transfer from reserve and $30,000 acquired from the sale of equipment. The latter funding sources are not the ideal solution however are considered necessary in order to meet core operating costs for the Village in 2019.

As calculated, there is a 7.85% increase in the residential mill rate and 5.13% in the non-residential mill rate in the 2019 Village of Hythe Budget. Subsequently the residential mill of 8.2391 mills is markedly under that of many other Villages of Hythe's size and the non-residential mill rate of 18.1272 is within the average.

Council has taken great strides to implement enhanced levels of service for the Village's residents and businesses. The Village is focused on building the vibrancy of the community through ongoing community development and revitalization activities.

Village of Hythe Contact:  Mayor Brian Peterson, Cell: 780.228.0034

Arthur Amend,
May 10, 2019, 7:37 AM