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Council News Letter

  VILLAGE COUNCIL REPORT - January 12, 2018

Council reports from the December meeting and the first January Council meetings follow.  If you want more detail, the full minutes are available on our web page at Minutes 2018.

At the December 11th meeting, Council received reports and had discussions with:

  • The Public Works Department

  • The Regional Community Futures organization

  • The Hythe Arena Society

  • The Hythe Agricultural Society

Council approved a rebuild estimate for our front-end loader’s transmission in the amount of $22,000. We continue to work with the Agricultural Society in considering the repurposing of the old swimming pool building.

Council approved a grant of $800 to the Hythe Curling Club for improvements at the Curling Rink.  

Hythe hosted a regional recreation meeting on December 3rd at the Community Centre.  Representatives from the City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, Wembley and the MD of Greenview were in attendance.

A new recreation master plan has been completed for this area.  The regional committee is responsible for implementing the recommendations contained in the plan.

Council is concerned about the appearance issues caused by people who leave their garbage carts out on the street all week long.  This is an unsightly and unnecessary practice.  It would be appreciated if you would put the garbage carts away on Friday evening after the residential collection is done.  Thanks.

On December 18th, Council did the judging for Christmas lighting.  Congratulations to our winners: Lyle Letendre (first) Jarvis Shail (second) and Deb Wheeler (third).  Thanks to everyone who decorated their homes for the Christmas season.

January 8th Council

Council met with Dalvin Napen, CAO for Hythe Pioneer Homes.  We received updates on their two major construction projects, the Glas House and the 48-unit Pioneer Place addition.

A presentation was made by STARS, asking the Village to continue our financial support for their service.  Council voted to make a four year commitment as requested, at a rate of $2.00 per capita ($1,654.00) to help STARS stay airborne.

Council also reviewed our policy on assisting private landowners with the demolition of obsolete building.  We will lend our gravel truck (with driver) at no charge to anyone tearing down an old unusable building in Hythe.  If you are interested, stop by the Village office and ask for a copy of the policy.