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Council News Letter

Village Council Report – APRIL 2019


The Village of Hythe and Canadian Fiber Optics want to know if you want a fibre optic network in your community. Fibre optic networks are the best way to future proof your community for the 21st century.
With fibre, your community will have access to high speed internet, new mobile services, HD and 4K video content, unlimited long distance calling, smart home, as well as future technologies such as 5G and Virtual/Augmented Reality.
It's simple. Fill out the online form at and drop it off at the Village Office. Letting us know what services you're currently getting and then what services you would like to receive if they were available is helpful. It's that easy. Also, tell your friends and neighbours to make sure they fill out the form as well. The more people who are interested, the better the chance that Hythe will get a network.

Spring Clean-up 2019 will run from May 23rd to June 6th, 2019
The bins will be located on the West side of the Glen Oakford Memorial Ball Diamonds (Parking Area).
Please respect the bin area, there will be separate bins for: household waste, electronics & metals.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
    - Anything that is recyclable and can be placed in the bins behind the arena will NOT be collected.
    - Place items on CURB for collection
    - Anyone wishing to help with this clean-up can contact Lori 780-518-9504, volunteers are always welcome.

Please be aware that the Hythe Elementary School students will be out picking up garbage in the Village on May 7th, 2019. Drive with care.

Village Council Report – February 2019

This report covers our Council meetings in December and January.

December 10, 2018

Council met with officials from the City and County of Grande Prairie regarding the Rural Transportation Pilot Program.  This is a transit system that will provide public transportation to the rural communities surrounding the City of Grande Prairie including the Village of Hythe.  The 24-seat Transit Bus runs on Wednesdays in Hythe - Check out the schedule on the back page of this newsletter.

Councilor Miller presented on a meeting with the Hythe Library Board.  The budget is of main focus right now since the library is in a deficit position.  They are exploring ways to receive more grant money for the operating costs. The Library Board noted it is looking to recruit new board members to the existing board of five members.

Mayor Peterson advised on the Pioneer Home Board’s issues regarding the construction project.  They are awaiting a meeting with the government.

The Mayor updated Council on an event review meeting regarding the Tree Drop event and discussed ways to make it better for next year.  He has addressed the need to have music and a speaker system so everyone in attendance can hear announcements. The tree stand will need modifications to better fit the tree and hold it in place.  

Staff provided a financial report and Council reviewed the budget and questioned expenditure and revenue amounts.  There was concern about the Village’s financial position at year end, as we have been carrying some operating and capital expenses for the arena society until they can regain financial viability.

January 7, 2019

Arena Manager Barry Evaskevich provided a report to Council on the Hythe Arena.  He is currently getting several prices on a couple different flooring options. Barry reviewed future maintenance and repairs, and the estimated costs of these.  Currently the arena is being well used, and the skate sharpener is being utilized by many from outside the community.

Fire Chief Landon Reimer and Deputy Chief Matthew Fisher provided a report to Council regarding the Hythe Fire Department.  False alarm calls are an issue and Landon discussed the invoicing for these call outs.

Public Works Supervisor, Greg Longson provided Council with information to assist with budgeting and a long-term strategic plan.  Some of the topics covered were the upgrades for the well houses and sewer lift station.

Community Development Officer, Carley Friesen provided information to Council on grant programs being looked at to assist with various projects including use of select buildings in the community, a new website, logo and rebranding for the Village of Hythe, and researching options for a spray park.

Congratulations to the staff of the Hythe Continuing Care Centre, who were the recipients of the Rural Heroes Health Care award presented on January 7, 2019 at the Centre.

January 21, 2019

Council and Staff continue to have meetings on developing a strategic plan for Village of Hythe.  A public meeting will be held before the document is finalized.

Arena information was provided to Council including a review of the arena floor polishing equipment.  The condition of the arena floor polisher requires new batteries with an estimated cost of $800 per battery. Although the cost for the batteries is high.  battery replacement was deemed the favorable option versus the alternative to replace the polisher at an estimated cost of $9,000.

Administration provided an overview of the need for dedicated office space for improved functionality. The design for the office renovation project was presented and Council approved the $30,000 project to allow for dedicated office spaces and other improvements.

Council approved the appointment of new Library Board member, Duarte Valerio.   

General notes

The County Connector bus schedule is as follows:

                              WEDNESDAY service to Hythe

Stop #

Stop Location



Grand Marshal Inn

9:00 am


102 Ave. and 99 Street

9:01 am


104 Ave. between Community Center and Pioneer Home

9:03 am


103 street and 103 avenue

9:04 am


103 street. across from Tags Food & Gas

9:05 am


98 street by Grand Marshal Inn

4:13 pm


102 avenue and 99 street

4:14 pm


104 ave. between Community Center and Pioneer Home

4:16 pm


103 street and 103 avenue

4:17 pm


103 street across from Tags Food & Gas

4:18 pm

We want to hear from you!

  • An arena customer satisfaction survey is now available at the Hythe Arena, and on our Village of Hythe Facebook page.  Please participate in this survey as we look forward to hearing your comments!

  • The Village of Hythe Council is considering changing the garbage pick up day from Friday to Thursday and would like to hear from you! let us know your thoughts by a message on Facebook or a call to the office by February 14.  780-356-3888

  • Council is asking that residents have their garbage carts back inside within 24 hours of garbage pick up.  Carts that are left out are not only unsightly but are creating a problem for snow clearing. If this problem persists, Council may consider a bylaw to deal with the issue.

Village Council Report – December 5, 2018

This report covers our Council meetings in October and November.

October 9, 2018

Council met with Sergeant Dave Gallant and discussed enforcement requirements for cannabis usage, thefts in the area and a breakdown of local crime statistics.  There is a summary of local crime occurrences on our web page.

Council has discussed the possible disassembly of the roof covering the old swimming pool.  We are working with the Ag. Society and the County to arrive at a solution.

J.D. Septic was present to talk to council about using the sewage lagoon for septic disposal.  Council discussed some procedures associated with dumping the waste, and set some other guidelines.

Public works supervisor, Greg Longson gave his regular report to council.  He has noted that more work needs to be done on the water plant’s circulation system, and they will be meeting with Culligan in the near future to work on this.  Some cement barriers have been purchased for arena parking.

Council reviewed a letter from C.N. Rail regarding the closure of the rail line through Hythe.  Council decided to write a letter of objection to this closure. The City of Grande Prairie has also sent a letter requesting support for the Arctic Winter Games.  Council would like to see if facilities in Hythe can be used for the games, such as the Curling Rink and the Arena.

Council reviewed the new sewer line policy, #42-01.  Council passed a motion to approve a contribution to the firm who donated fire pits to the Hythe Municipal Campground.  

October 22, 2018

Several items were discussed with arena manager Barry Evaskevich regarding the arena contract and how things were going.  Council authorized the purchase of a new skate sharpener at the arena. Community Development Officer, Carley Friesen has been focusing on a CARES grant that will possibly bring a new fibre optic network to the Village of Hythe.  

Council passed Bylaw #539, with regards to cannabis consumption, and gave the first reading to Bylaw #540, with regards to the zoning issues with cannabis.  A reserve account was set up some years ago as a savings for an ice plant repair at the arena. A motion was passed to use these funds to cover operational costs for the arena and for the purchase of a new skate sharpener for the arena.  

An organizational meeting was held after the regular council meeting.  It was decided that beginning on January 7, 2019 meetings will be once every two weeks and start at 5:00 p.m.  Council also updated the appointment list for various committees that Councillors sit on. Council reviewed the fees received for meetings and decided to keep them at their current level.  Our fees of $90 per meeting are much lower than other communities in the area.

November 13, 2018

Paul Godel gave a presentation to council regarding his work in Uganda.  He is heading a volunteer mission to provide quality, accessible pre-hospital emergency care to the people of Kampala.  He has spent February 2018 in Uganda and plans to return in February 2019. Mr. Godel is currently soliciting donations for this project.  His website is www.

The public works report was given by Mr. Longson.  Public works has been working on the lagoon, maintenance and repair.  Upgrades to the lift station were discussed.

Council agreed to donate funds to Beaverlodge Minor Hockey, Hythe Minor Hockey, and to the Hythe Community Center.  Council also agreed to raise the speed limit in the Willowgrove subdivision to 30 km/hr, and new signs have been posted.  

Truck Bylaw weight restrictions within the Village have been reviewed, and it is planned to address the dangerous goods bylaw in accordance with provincial legislation.  New signage has been posted for this.

A quote to upgrade the water and sewer services at the campground was discussed and it has been decided this will be included in the budget for 2019.  An anonymous letter was received and reviewed by council. The letter and Council’s reply can be found on line on the Village of Hythe website and Facebook page.   

November 26, 2018

A public hearing was held at 5:15 regarding Bylaw #540.  There were no presentations or comments received from the public.  Bylaw #540, a Cannabis Land use Bylaw amendment, was passed at this meeting.  

Carley Friesen has been researching the possibility of designating the Oakford’s building as a Heritage site.  We are also looking at other options and grants available to re-use the building.

Mayor Peterson and Ms. Friesen worked hard on the Christmas Tree Drop event for the Village, that happened on December 1.  A video clip of this event can be seen on Christmas tree drop We thank all the volunteers and businesses who helped us out with the Christmas Tree Drop.  We look forward to doing it again next year.

Public works will be posting truck weight and dangerous goods signs throughout the Village.  As well as bus stop signs, and new speed limit signs in Willowgrove.

General notes

The hiring process for a new CAO is nearly complete and we are in the negotiation stage.

The new County Connection bus service to Grande Prairie will be starting early in the new year.  Fares are $5.00 per trip; it will run every Wednesday; (leaving Hythe at 9:06 a.m. and arriving back in Hythe at 4:28 p.m.)  and pick up points are as follows:

  • The Marshall Inn

  • 102 Avenue & 99th Street (across from old pool building)

  • The Hythe Community Centre

  • 103rd Street across from the Tags

Stops in Grande Prairie will be at the Town Centre Mall, Prairie Mall, and the hospital.  Fare cards will be available at the Village Office. Children 11 and under ride for free what accompanied by an adult.

This is is a two-year pilot project, funded by Alberta Transportation.  If is there is sufficient public use, it could very well continue past the two years.

Village Council Report – October 11, 201

This report covers our Council meetings in August and September.

August 13, 2018
At our first August meeting. Council met with our FCSS Coordinator Theresa Boudreault and reviewed various matters.  We then received a representation from Taylor Rudrum, of GWST Water & Environmental Inc., regarding water system operations. Mr. Rudrum is presently in charge of operating our water and sewer systems, this change was made effective October 1, 2018.

It should be noted that, at all our meetings, we have met with Public Works Supervisor Greg Longson to discuss public works operations.

Councillor Ed Smith was chosen to represent Hythe on the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association Board of Directors.

Council voted to support an Alberta Community Partnership Grant application from the Town of Sexsmith for preparation of a regional growth study.

August 27, 2018
Council met with County Councillor Linda Waddy and Director of Community Services Dan Lemieux.  There was some discussion about operational assistance from the County to assist us with grass cutting costs at the cemetery.  The final agreement was a $3,000 a year contribution over five years.

We also talked to Councillor Waddy about issues pertaining to bylaw enforcement and weed control.  These issues will be discussed further as we proceed on our intermunicipal collaboration process.

Council met with possible United Conservative Party (UCP) candidate Travis Toews.  There was some discussion about municipal relations with the province. Mr. Toews has since won the nomination of his party and will run for UCP in this riding when the next provincial election is called.

Council gave three readings to Bylaw #537, which changed the Village’s organizational structure.  Council will now be directly responsible for oversight and direction of the public works department.

Council set a date of September 4th to inspect some of the Village’s sidewalks.  This will help firm up future planning regarding streets and sidewalks.

September 10, 2018
Council met with our new Fire Chief Landon Reimer.  There was some discussion about fire department operations; and volunteer recruitment.  Chief Reimer will be meeting with Council quarterly.
Council instructed staff to research some lighting improvements at Rae Dolemo Park.   This was in response to letter of concern from a resident.

It was noted that revenue from the municipal campsite has been much higher than usual this year, due to the presence of crews from Surerus Murphy.  Council commented that Surerus Murphy have been good corporate citizens during their time in Hythe, and very professional to work with. They have also made some notable community donations.  

September 24, 2018
Council had a meeting with our present MLA, MLA Wayne Drysdale.  Topics included dealing with CN Rail; provincial tax recovery legislation; and the highway #43 bypass.

It was noted the proposed location of the bypass would constrain future development of the Village.    The Mayor and CAO have since met with Alberta Transportation’s regional director to discuss this further.

Council gave three readings to a bylaw to participate in an Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.  This bylaw approves Hythe’s participation in a regional board that will deal with appeals of local decisions regarding subdivisions and development permits.

Our Mayor has been researching some options for removal of the pool cover at the old swimming pool.  Council has felt that, if the building is to be repurposed, the pool cover should be taken down.

Staff reported they have worked with the Hythe Arena Society in preparing a capital grant funding application.  Village staff and Council have been cooperating with the arena society volunteers to help run the facility this year.

Council noted that there is still an issue with people not having proper civic addresses on their houses. A properly posted address is extremely important when emergency services, such as fire, police, and ambulance, need to fine your residence quickly during an emergency.  Staff will be following up on enforcement of this.

General notes   
Public Works has expressed some concern about misuse of the compost station.  It is intended for the collection of leaves, shrubs, and branches. It is NOT intended for the disposal of household or construction waste, or any other material.  These items should be taken to the Regional Landfill.

We are pleased to welcome Barry Evaskevich as our arena manager this year.  

Our FCSS office is closed until November 30th.  Any inquiries for FCSS can de dealt at the Village Office.

Our new Community Development Officer, Carley Friesen, commences work with us on October 11th.  She will be working out of the Village Office.

The Hythe Beautification Committee 2018 Wrap Up

In May of this year a group of concerned residents of Hythe met to discuss the formation of a Beautification Committee. We started out by approaching the businesses along the highway, which is the first thing you see when you drive into Hythe, about “sprucing” up their properties such as painting, trimming grass, cleaning parking lots, fixing signs. Next on our agenda was a curbside cleanup. We worked through pouring rain and cleaned up about 4 large dumpsters of garbage. Then we decided to make one of the only sources of income for Hythe look spectacular. Over the course of two work bees the campground saw a facelift with all buildings and fences being fixed and painted as well as the kid’s apparatus, shrubs & trees were trimmed, new fire pits, picnic tables and garbage/recycle bins were brought in. At the Rae Dolemo / Elks Park we painted the perimeter metal fence, purple of course, trimmed trees & shrubs, added a bench, set up the swing set, spring toys, & bike stands. We also removed the graffiti from the Oakfords Hardware building, set up a couple new benches at the Seniors Centre (from the Swimming Pool), purchased a garbage can & smoke receptacle which was placed by the bench the OORP/Elks purchased to honor life member Mary Bain and Opal McMillan, which is located by Soups and Scoops. Placed a bench & garbage can on the lot beside the Village. Our last endeavor for the summer was another curbside cleanup which we filled one large dumpster and part of a metal dumpster full, as well as a trailer filled with appliances and electronics. We accomplished a lot, but only because of some fabulous volunteers who donated not only their time, but their tools, trailers, equipment etc… and to the Village who fully supported us. Everything we have done, and you as residents as well has made a difference in our community, people can see the changes. Thank you to everyone who came out all summer and worked diligently, to Greg Longson and his public works crew, to our Village Council who all at some point helped with our projects, and thank you to you as well for continuing to keep your properties looking great and taking pride in our community. A huge thank you to Inland Cement for providing and delivering the cement for the new swing set and to the Elks for the gravel at the swing set site.

We do plan on continuing to address beautification in Hythe. We will meet again in the Spring, the meeting will be posted publicly.

Village Council Report – August 3, 2018

This newsletter covers the meetings of late May, June, and July.

At the May 28th meeting, council discussed proposals to upgrade the electrical system and repair and improve the brine lines at the arena. As the Arena Society lacked the funds to proceed with this project, Village Council voted to advance the money to the Society so both the projects could proceed this summer. The arena had significant down-time last winter because of brine line problems, and Council wished to deal with the problem before this coming winter. We are pleased to advise that most of the brine leaks have been fixed, and the few problem areas left are manageable.

The first meeting of our community beautification committee was held on May 29th. The committee has been active improving the appearance of our campground; and the Rae Dolemo park. A new swing set in the park was installed by beautification committee. The swing set was purchased by the Hythe Elks Lodge #236 and The Hythe Royal Purple Elks Lodge #106.

At the June 9th meeting, we welcomed Sandra Miller as our new Village Councilor.

Council voted to set the rates for fully-serviced campground stalls at $35.00 per night. We now have ten fully-serviced stalls, with electricity, water and sewer to each stall. We still have eleven partially-serviced stalls, with only electricity extended to the stall. We are considering completing the services to the remaining eleven stalls late this year or next year.

In June, Council commenced a program of monthly monitoring of subsurface water levels. ISL Consulting is monitoring the implementation of this program. Council is concerned about the state of our underground aquifers. We are compiling data to provide to the province so that this issue can be addressed. The water levels are being measured in a cross-section of wells throughout the community.

At the June 11th meeting, it was voted that eleven notices had been sent regarding unsightly premises and two for derelict vehicles.

Our new public works supervisor, Greg Longson, started work on June 21st. He has been working hard at getting things organized and spruced up to the highest standards for the village. We welcome Greg to our team.

Council and staff have been involved in several regional initiatives. A joint committee, consisting of two Village Councilors and two County Councilors, has met regarding the Village/County Intermunicipal Development Plan. This governs growth and development in the area surrounding Hythe contained within a two-mile radius from the boundaries of the community.

Council is starting discussions with the County of Grande Prairie regarding collaborations and cost sharing on services used by both Village and County residents. The Municipal Government Act gives us until April 1, 2020 to arrive at formal agreements on a wide variety of services. Some of the areas that could be dealt with will be recreation, the Hythe Cemetery, bylaw enforcement, and economic development. There will be other topics that will surely come up.

At the June 25th meeting, Council met with a resident regarding the property tax increases many people noticed when given tax notices mailed in early May. Council explained that, when considering the 2018 budget, we saw a need for more attention to our infrastructure, including streets, water, and sewer systems. We wanted to take a more proactive approach on revitalization and community development, and this will take more staff resources. Council feels that the minimum tax increases brought us more in line with our needs, while still being consistent with what other small communities charge.

On July 9th, Council met with B.J. Clark of the Peace Motor Association. The Association stages the weekend car racing events at the Hythe Motor Speedway. Council discussed ways the Village could help promote racing events, and the Association’s lease on the building was reviewed. There was also some discussion about other events and activities that could be held at the racetrack. Speedway races are coming up on the weekends of August 11 and 12, and September 1 and 2, 2018. Bring your families out for a great day of fun at the track.

Mayor Peterson, who serves as our representative at the Hythe Pioneer Home Board, has been involved in the development of the 48-unit addition. There have been some delays in construction; but the issues are being worked on, and the project will be completed.

A consulting company has completed a street analysis and a sidewalk analysis in Hythe using ground penetrating radar. We are currently awaiting the results of their research.

At the July 23, 2018 Village Council meeting, Council met with Lane Flaten of the Arena Society. We are putting a new organizational structure in place for the facility and are presently advertising for an arena manager.

A regional transportation study has been completed. The study’s consultants are suggesting the provision of regular handi-van service to Grande Prairie on a once or twice weekly basis. The suggested user fees would be $5.00 per trip. Now that the research has been completed, it will be up to the municipalities to get together and decide what to do. In our case, we would meet with Beaverlodge and Wembley to gauge their interest.

Thank you to our community volunteers for trimming back bushes and trees throughout the town, so people could walk on the sidewalks easier, and those who trimmed the trees at the campground.

And lastly, great appreciation is extended to all the people who helped out at our beautification committee’s work bees on July 14th, July 18th. July 28th and July 31st.

The next meeting of the beautification committee is slated for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 7th at the Village Office Council Chambers.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend.

REMINDER – Complete Council minutes are available on the Hythe Web page at


The following is information from our meetings in late March, April, and early May.  

At March 26, 2018 regular meeting, Council met with Beairsto & Associates to review the sewer main relining program; and to discuss an asset management program.  Council voted to work with Beairsto in preparing an asset management program.

Phase Five in our sewer main and manhole relining program is still scheduled for the late summer of 2018, it covers 103 Avenue from 100th street to 103rd street, and portions of 104 avenue in the same area.

Council approved a proposal from Atco Electric to convert all our streetlights in the Village to LED lighting.  This is part of a program that Atco is providing to the municipalities in the area. It results in less power consumption from the streetlights and gives some flexibility for future modernization of the lights.

At the April 9th meeting, Council finalized the minimum tax amounts for 2018 taxation.  A review of other municipalities of comparable size to Hythe noted that our minimum tax levy (the 2017 amount was $500.00 per property) was less than average.  The following 2018 levies were set:

  • Residential improved properties - $700.00 per year

  • Residential vacant properties -  $800.00 per year

  • Commercial improved properties - $800.00 per year

  • Commercial vacant properties - $1,000.00 per year

Council has designated the additional revenue from the increased rates to go towards community beautification and other services that will help improve our community.

Council reviewed a $5,000 grant application made to Grande Prairie County’s Cemetery Improvement program.  The application was for staining the gazebo, additional signage, and another improvement. Our volunteer cemetery board chairman, Debbie Balderston, made the application on behalf of the Hythe Cemetery, and it has been approved.

On April 18th, Council hosted the annual Volunteer Appreciation supper.  We thank everyone who joined us that evening to celebrate volunteerism in Hythe.  Congratulations to the staff at the Hythe Thrift Shop, who won the Ken Brandsater Memorial award as the Volunteers of the Year.  

On April 23rd, Council received Councillor Lyle Sipe’s letter of resignation.  We thank Lyle for his 10 years of service to the community on Village Council, and we wish him well for his future plans.     

Council Minutes

Council met with our auditors for MNP to review the 2017 financial statement for the Village. The auditors commented that the Village’s finances remain in good shape.  A copy of the 2017 financial statement is available at the Village Office at no charge.

Also, at the April 23rd meeting, Council met with Arena Society and our Agricultural Society.  It was decided to provide some administrative support to both these groups, including bookkeeping services.

Council approved the concept of providing ball hockey as a summer program in the Hythe arena.

The 2018 budget was approved at the April 23rd meeting.  The budget calls for a 6.35% increase in the municipal residential mill rate and a 3.04% in the municipal commercial levy.  As school taxes have remained unchanged this year, the overall residential rate changes by 4.39% and commercial by 2.07%.

Council increased the budget’s emphasis on road maintenance; and also expanding our capacity to deal with our ever-growing project list.  Hythe’s taxes still remain lower than the majority of communities our size.

Council reviewed our mowing rates for cutting private property.  It was decided to increase our rates from $50.00 per lot per mow to $100.00.

Council is presently reviewing the minimum tax provisions in our property taxes.  We have reviewed some other comparable municipalities. It is expected that a decision will be reached prior to mailing tax notices in May.

The May 14th Council meeting saw us meeting with County Enforcement Services to review the enforcement that they are providing in the Village.  Discussion followed regarding unsightly premises definitions; and the County’s plans for a new Community Standards bylaws. The meeting also discussed different ways of dealing with dilapidated buildings and derelict vehicles.

Council made a small donation for an informal gathering to remember Dr. Lee, who is being interred at the Hythe Cemetery.  This event happens on June 5th at the Hythe Legion, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  It is open to anyone wishing to share memories of Dr. Lee, who practiced medicine in Hythe for many years.

  VILLAGE COUNCIL REPORT - January 12, 2018

Council reports from the December meeting and the first January Council meetings follow.  If you want more detail, the full minutes are available on our web page at Minutes 2018.

At the December 11th meeting, Council received reports and had discussions with:

  • The Public Works Department

  • The Regional Community Futures organization

  • The Hythe Arena Society

  • The Hythe Agricultural Society

Council approved a rebuild estimate for our front-end loader’s transmission in the amount of $22,000. We continue to work with the Agricultural Society in considering the repurposing of the old swimming pool building.

Council approved a grant of $800 to the Hythe Curling Club for improvements at the Curling Rink.  

Hythe hosted a regional recreation meeting on December 3rd at the Community Centre.  Representatives from the City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, Wembley and the MD of Greenview were in attendance.

A new recreation master plan has been completed for this area.  The regional committee is responsible for implementing the recommendations contained in the plan.

Council is concerned about the appearance issues caused by people who leave their garbage carts out on the street all week long.  This is an unsightly and unnecessary practice.  It would be appreciated if you would put the garbage carts away on Friday evening after the residential collection is done.  Thanks.

On December 18th, Council did the judging for Christmas lighting.  Congratulations to our winners: Lyle Letendre (first) Jarvis Shail (second) and Deb Wheeler (third).  Thanks to everyone who decorated their homes for the Christmas season.

January 8th Council

Council met with Dalvin Napen, CAO for Hythe Pioneer Homes.  We received updates on their two major construction projects, the Glas House and the 48-unit Pioneer Place addition.

A presentation was made by STARS, asking the Village to continue our financial support for their service.  Council voted to make a four year commitment as requested, at a rate of $2.00 per capita ($1,654.00) to help STARS stay airborne.

Council also reviewed our policy on assisting private landowners with the demolition of obsolete building.  We will lend our gravel truck (with driver) at no charge to anyone tearing down an old unusable building in Hythe.  If you are interested, stop by the Village office and ask for a copy of the policy.