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SPRING CLEAN UP - Annually May-June
Bins will be located in the Public Works Shop Yard.  Access will be only granted during hours of operation - Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  One bin will be for household items, one for old electronics and one for metals (e. g. fridges, stoves, etc.. Take care to place your  items in the appropriate bin. Metals (like old fridges, stoves, etc.) can be brought to the Public Works Compound where a bin will be provided. Appliances containing Freon should be placed next to the recyclable metal bin not in it.  If you can't lift the item leave it beside the bin. For those who need help taking items to the bins please call the Village Office   780-356-3888

Garbage pick up service will be provided by Alliance Disposal 2010 Ltd. 780-538-0551 
beginning January 2, 2020.  Garbage pickup will changed from Thursday morning to Wednesday mornings effective January 8, 2020.  It is recommended to have your garbage out before 7:00 a.m on Wednesday morning as the service begins early.  All garbage must be in the appropriate garbage bin in order to be picked up. Please note, the truck is not able to pick up overfull bins. Lids must be properly closed to be picked up.  Bins are available for sale at the Village Office for $64.  

Your garbage must be in garbage bags and put in these bins. Garbage bins are limited to one bin per household, and only one bin per house hold will be picked up.  Please remove your bin off the street after pick-up.  Please note; the lid must close! If the lid isn't closed your bin will not be picked up. 

If you have more bagged garbage than will fit in your initial garbage bin, additional bins will need a Cart Bin Sticker attached to the second or additional bin to be eligible for curbside collection.  Bin Stickers for extra garbage can be purchased at the Village of Hythe Office for $10 per sticker (per additional bin).

To assist the Village with updating your information on file we are asking you to provide the following information listed below to the Office by January 31, 2020.  The information can be dropped off, mailed, faxed or emailed.  Village of Hythe Box 219 Hythe, AB T0H2C0
email:     fax: 780-356-2009

Please provide the following information:
Street Address
Mail Box Number
Cell Phone
Numbers on Bins
Numbers of Bins you have

COMPOST AREA - Due to abuse of the compost area it is permanently closed.  

This area is not to be used for disposal of personal garbage.  A $500 fine for dumping of anything other than wood at the Compost Wood burning pile.   09/04/48   Thank you for your compliance.