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The Village of Hythe has a recycle program.  Recycle bins are available for glass, tins and paper & cardboard.  They are located behind the curling rink.   There is also a recycle paper bin located at the Hythe Post Office.

Recycle bins are available for your use for glass & tin, plastics, newspaper, other papers and cardboard.  When using the containers please see that your recycled items are put in the appropriate bin.  Do not leave your containers (plastic bags) or other garbage items beside the containers.

What Can Be Recycled?

- Plastics and tins, washed with labels off
- Clean paper, newsprint, glossy paper, office paper, file folders and shredded paper
- Cardboard - all boxes must be broken down before putting them in the recycle container.
- GLASS - provision is available for recycled glass in the appropriate bin behind the curling rink.

Return your beverage containers to the Hythe Bottle Depot (780-512-1058)  Hours of Operation Tues, Thurs & Saturday 9 -  5. 
The Bottle Depot is located in the back alley off of 100 Street and 101 Avenue.  They are now accepting cleaned/rinsed milk containers.